So the only CGI in Oppenheimer is… during the nude scenes?

Oppenheimer screenshot showing Florence Pugh sitting on a chair in a CGI black dress
(Image credit: Universal Pictures/Future)

CGI in movies is usually reserved for the realm of action scenes, with the likes of Marvel and DC relying (perhaps a little too) heavily on computer-generated imagery to depict fantastical chases and explosions. But viewers of Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer are discovering an entirely different use of CGI – in certain countries, anyway. 

Many column inches have been dedicated to the fact that, in a departure from most Nolan films, there's a fair bit of nudity in this one. But it seems countries such as India and Indonesia have seen fit to cover Florence Pugh's body with a black CGI dress – something that might make Christopher Nolan even angrier than people watching Tenet on a Game Boy.

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"Can confirm. This is the version being screened in Indonesia. A lot of her intimate scenes with Cillian was also heavily altered too," one Twitter user commented on a widely circulated screenshot, while another added, "It was like this in my theatre and didn't even noticed that it was fake."

The decision to cover Pugh's body using CGI has drawn a bemused response for a couple of reasons. Not only is it faintly ridiculous that studios are more than happy to depict all sorts of violence (and deadly weapons including, you know, bombs) but shy away from showing a naked human body, but there's also the fact that Christopher Nolan has been very, very vocal about the fact that Oppenheimer contains no CGI at all. Leading everyone to make the same joke: Nolan will not be happy about that computer-generated dress.

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Still, Nolan can take some solace from the fact that this is by no means the first CGI controversy we've seen this year. From the ridiculous (The Flash's flying babies) to the banal (Nick Fury in a chair), it seems computer-generated imagery is everywhere we look right now.

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Daniel John
Senior News Editor

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