Everyone's laughing at one CGI moment in The Flash

The Flash
(Image credit: Warner Bros)

Like it or not, CGI is a fact of modern cinema. Done well and it's hardly noticeable – perhaps some stunt wires are removed or an explosion beefed up. Done badly and it's a distracting mess. But there's bad, and then there's flying babies bad. 

Yep, it seems 2023 superhero flop The Flash has managed to invent a brand new category of godawful CGI, with one viral scene in particular leaving the internet somewhat... confused. I'll try to describe it, but it's probably best if you just watch it below. (Think you can do better? So do I – check out the best 3D modelling software.)

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Basically, a hospital explodes, a bunch of CGI babies tumble out of it towards comical near-deaths (tables landing on heads, jars marked 'ACID' spilling on heads'), at which point the man in the silly red suit appears to freeze time, then smashes his hand into a falling fending machine, pulls out a chocolate bar and starts eating it. Disclaimer: I have not seen The Flash and thus know nothing of the context of this scene. As far as I know, it might be one long Snickers advert. 

The Flash

Nothing to see here, just a real baby falling from a skyscraper about to get splashed with 'ACID' (Image credit: Warner Bros)

Okay, I guess the chocolate bar has some significance – maybe it provides him with energy to keep doing superhero stuff? (I refuse to Google this.) But there's something hilariously dissonant about the way the viral clip ends there. Does he even bother to save the babies? Hopefully not, because – spoiler alert – they're not real. Those are some of the most unrealistic CGI falling babies I've ever seen (although I admittedly haven't seen a lot of falling CGI babies).

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In a world of ridiculous CGI, including this year's Indiana Jones and the Mildly Disturbing De-Ageing, it's kind of impressive that the team behind The Flash managed to create something quite so ridiculous. But hey, to it's credit, with other studios being criticised for using unnecessary effects, this is one scene that probably couldn't have been achieved without CGI – although 'achieved' might a strong word.

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