I'm loving these extreme makeovers of the Simpsons house

The Simpsons' house may be one of the most recognisable homes on TV. The famous animated family that never gets any older has been living in Springfield for an incredible three decades. Perhaps most incredibly, despite changing the house's colour very slightly, the family doesn't seem to have made any major structural modifications in that time.

But how might 742 Evergreen Terrace look in a different style? Well someone's tested that out, presenting the Simpsons family home in various styles of British homes, from a Tudor mansion to a 1990s new build. Suffice it to say, these are some extreme makeovers (if you're looking to draw up plans for your own house, see our pick of the best laptops for architects).

The Simpsons house

The Simpsons' house as it appears in the series (Image credit: Fox)

The Simpsons were designed to be a typical American family with a typical American house. How accurate the portrayal is can be debated, but their Springfield home has become iconic, and it's recognised all over the world.

But what if they lived somewhere else... in the UK, for example. The home improvements quotation website HouseholdQuotes has envisioned how the world's favourite TV family might live if they were in the UK, redesigning the iconic Simpsons home in several British housing styles in an exercise it describes as  "part hopeful fantasy, part guide to British architectural history" for anyone who doesn't know their Tudor Manor from the Burns Manor or art deco from Artie Ziff.

The home makeovers have attempted to (more or less) preserve the scale of the original Simpsons house, which is a lot bigger than you might think. It's hard to imagine Springfield's finest living in some of the houses, but others could be great ideas one-off episodes. We'd particularly like to see the Simpsons in a British terrace or semi. 

Nevertheless, in all cases the similarities are similar enough for us to recognise it as the Simpsons' abode. That's partly thanks to the fact that creators of the iconic series put a great deal of attention to the design of every aspect of the characters and setting and were very consistent and precise, as we can see in the original The Simpsons style guide.

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