So how tall is Super Mario really?

Princess Peach's Mushroom Kingdom is a mysterious place. It's topography has changed over the years, the main means of travel is through warp pipes, oh, and it's inhabited by Toad, Yoshis, Goombas and Koopas. All the same, that hasn't stopped fans from trying to subject the Super Mario to a little scientific rigour. 

One of the most recurrent debates involves the height of the games' heroes. Just how tall is Super Mario and his companions? Many cite Mario's height as 5ft 1in based on a statue in Japan, but that was never intended to be a life-size representation. Now size charts have been revealed for the upcoming Super Mario Bros movie, but we're not sure they clear things up (want to try to work it out yourself? See our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch deals).

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The design of Super Mario's face and body for the upcoming Super Mario Bros Movie has already generated plenty of debate. Now Twitter users are sharing new posters and a size chart that are said to have appeared on the imageboard site 4chan. They show some of the main characters from the film side by side with lines behind them in the style of a police lineup (some have also compared the image to the cover of  Weezer's debut album, perhaps because they look so dorky).

Fans are busy picking this new evidence apart, but while it shows how the character's sizes compare to each other, it's far from conclusive on how tall they actually are since the scale isn't given. If the lines on the image represent feet, Princess Peach would be 7ft tall.

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Some are pleased at the attention to detail in the size chart. "They remembered Peach is taller than Mario and just a hair taller than Luigi, they're so smart," one person responded on Twitter. But others are confused by Bowser. "What's the scale here... Peach 7ft tall?" That would make her taller than the 4ft 4in calculated by one Reddit user several years ago, which took the assumption that Princess Peach uses standard in-real-life luggage.

Peach isn't the only character rising eyebrows due to her stature "Ok, so it's official, Bowser is as big as 2 Marios," one person wrote. "Man, Bowser looks like he's about to destroy Mario on this movie because of how big he is," someone else wrote.

The Super Mario Brothers movie will be released on April 7, 2023. In the meantime, if you want to whet you're appetite by reliving Mario's best adventures in gaming, see the best Nintendo Switch prices below.

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