Street art: 45 incredible examples

26. Slinkachu

examples of street art: Slinkachu

Street art: Slinkachu's Little People Project combines street art and photography

Using characters from model train sets, Slinkachu's 'Little People Project' is a mixture of street art and photography. If you've had the pleasure of stumbling upon one of his odd little creations, you'll appreciate his humour and child-like imagination.

Whilst some scenes are created to play with the notion of surprise, Slinkachu says that the titles he gives to each scene, 'aims to reflect the loneliness and melancholy of living in a big city, almost being lost and overwhelmed'. However, he is quick to add that 'underneath this, there is always some humour'.

27. Joshua Allen Harris

As you'll already have gathered, not all street art involves the use of spray paint. This video from Joshua Allen Harris shows just what can be created with a few household items.

In world of waste and worry, Harris took a few disregarded bin bags and plastic shopping bags and turned them into creatures for all the enjoy. Placing the bags carefully on subway grates in New York, each animal or monster stays deflated before springing to life as each train gives the bags the gust of life they need.

Some of Harris's work has a more environmental approach, such as his plastic polar bear. Watching the animal deflate to its death offers a strong message about global warming and the effects it continues to have on the world we live in. Using other people's garbage as a means for art is what street art is all about.

28. Banksy

examples of street art: Banksy

Street art: Banksy's Jubilee Piece reflects the controversy over child labour

The best known street artist across the world, Banksy's challenging, contrary and thought-provoking, stencil-based art has made a huge impact on both high and low culture.

Hailing from Bristol, UK, the artist keeps his identity a secret, which has led to numerous rumours about who he is and how he works. Some claim he has a team of people working on each creation while others believe he still works alone. Whatever the case, his art remains as impactful as ever.

The piece above was sprayed upon the side of a 'Poundland' shop, which was selling cheap Jubilee and Olympics merchandise. Banksy saw this as his opportunity to showcase the issue of child labour in the Third World. Banksy's prints and paintings are reaching increasingly eyewatering prices at auctions.

29. Pavel Puhov

examples of street art: Pavel Puhov

Street art: Pavel Puhov's creations often have a political stance

Known as the 'Russian Banksy', street artist Pavel Puhov a.k.a. Pavel 183 or P-183, has been cooking up a political storm in his native country for around a decade. Like Banksy, the artist's identity is unknown, adding to the mystique surrounding him.

The Moscow-based graffiti artist's creations often have a strong political stance. Some have included paintings of riot police, civilian protesters and even a reimagined painting of National Geographic's infamous Afghan girl photo. Placing his art in specific places, such as subway doors, makes certain that it's not ignored.

30. Jan Vormann

examples of street art: Jan Vormann

Street art: Jan Vormann 'repairs' old buildings with brightly coloured Polyfilla-style blocks

A German native, Jan Vormann spent three years travelling the world, 'repairing' crumbling and disregarded buildings with his brightly coloured version of Polyfilla. The venture had humble beginnings, starting out in a small art fair in Rome before moving onto bigger ventures. He has even filled the holes of buildings in Berlin that had been damaged by guns during the second World War.

This inventive street artist has been putting a smile on people's faces from Italy to Israel.

31. EVOL

examples of street art: EVOL

Street art: EVOL transforms street furniture into mini-buildings

Street artist EVOL's project 'Buildings' made people do a double-take at their street furniture as he transformed them into high-rise blocks complete with graffiti and er, monsters.

The German artist has been exihibiting his work in warehouses as well as local streets for all to enjoy. The intricate detail of each painting is incredibly realistic, and it's great to see something boring and functional turned into something that will put a smile on people's faces.

32. Guerrilla Crochet

examples of street art: Guerrilla Crochet

Street art: Guerrilla Crochet has made crochet cool once more

It's official – crochet is not just for grannies! 'Guerilla crochet' has been causing a storm in recent years, with renegade street artists enveloping everyday street furniture in brightly coloured crochet loveliness. One of the most prolific crochet street artists is Olek, who has covered everything from the Wall Street bull to London taxis.

Trees, bikes, telephone boxes and lamposts have all had the crochet treatment. Also known as 'yarn bombing', we're loving this new craze. To see more, check out 25 amazing yarn bombs on Buzzfeed.

33. Issac Cordal

examples of street art: Issac Cordal

Street art: Issac Cordal's work excudes a strong sense of personal injustice

Like Slinkachu, Spanish artist Issac Cordal likes to work with little people. Unlike the former however, Issac tends to approach his art with a more melancholoy approach. Most of his 'little people' represent the everyday businessman and the struggles to deal with the mundanity of every day life.

Looking through his portfolio, it's clear that Issac is sending a message. What that message is, we're not quite sure. Whether it's a reminder to live life to the full or to not let the little things get you down, these creations are certainly evocative.


Melbourne artist Drab, who has recently moved to London, adds his quirky character faces to the likes of bear bodies, bikini-clad females or even babies. This video was filmed by Kiah Roache-Turner and showcases Drab attempting his biggest 'paste-up' yet, using litres and litres of glue. Some have claimed it's the biggest paste-up in the world.

35. Ronzo

examples of street art: Ronzo

Street art: Ronzo's bird sculptures liven up mundane surroundings

Independent artist Ronzo describes himself as 'Vandal Extraordinaire'. On his site he claims that he exists because "this fragile Earth deserves a voice". We're not quite sure what he means by that, but we like it.

Ronzo's bird sculptures have been sprouting up in London's Brick Lane as well as council estates. He's also created a graffiti murial of the 'Olympic Bird' as well as a 'Credit Crunch Monster' placed on a building overlooking The Old Truman Brewery. These spritely looking sculptures add a real creative element to mundane surroundings.

36. Vj Suave

Vj Suave is a collaboration between artists Ygor Marotta, hailing from Brazil, and Cecilia Soloaga, from Argentinia. The duo strive to create live visual performances using a mixture of character illustration, animation and projection.

The video shows a series of intricate designs and colourful characters coming to life and walking the streets. A truly unique street art event.

Making of:

37. Guerrilla Gardeners

examples of street art: Guerrilla Gardeners

Street art: Guerrilla Gardeners are on a mission to make our streets a greener place

We've already featured Guerrilla Crochet, so it would be shame not to include these sneaky gardeners who make their mission to make our streets a greener place. It's always sad to see dying plants or empty tree plots and that's where these guys come in.

Okay, so you might argue plants don't neccessarily constitute 'art' – but we think that anyone pouring their creativity and colour onto the streets can and should be included on this list.

The team behind Guerrilla Gardening have become a global hub with planting taking place in cities such as London and Beirut. The collective carry out their work during the night, with the morning resulting in a fresh bed of tulips or a collection of new shrubbery. To see more of their work or to get involved, visit their website.

38. Kelly Goeller

examples of street art: Kelly Goeller

Street art: Kelly Goeller has brought pixel art to the streets of New York

In the past, Kelly Goeller was part of New York-based animation studio KNeeon, which produces original content for advertising, television, music videos and film. Pixel art has come a long way in the past few years and Kelly took this as her opportunity to create this awesome piece entitled 'Pixel Pour 2.0'.

The piece is located on Mercer Street in New York with many members of the public faced with the awesome piece of art work as they walk to work. Kelly's last 'pour' was seen in 2008 and can be seen on the Gothamist website.

39. Invader

examples of street art: Invader

Street art: French artist Invader completes his 8-bit art behind a mask

Frenchman Invader has been invading cities across the world with his perfect pixelated artwork for years now. He always completes his artwork behind a mask, so as to not give away his identity. This project, entitled 'Space Invaders', aims to invade cities all over the world with characters inspired by first-generation arcade games.

The characters are made out of tiles, which means Invader can cement them to walls (although some pieces continue to be stolen). He has even set up a scoring system for himself, with each character rating between 10 and 50, depending on its size.

40. Roadsworth

examples of street art: Roadsworth

Street art: Roadsworth is motivated by an opposition to 'car culture'

Peter Gibson, a.k.a. Roadsworth, began painting the streets of Montreal almost 12 years ago. He was initially motivated by a desire for more cycle paths in the city and a questioning of the world's 'car culture' in general. Peter then developed his stencil artwork to more urban landscapes and continued to create bigger projects.

In 2004, Roadsworth was arrested and charged with 53 counts of mischief. Despite the heavy fines, Roadsworth continued his street art quest and has since received a number of commissions. He continues to be active in both the art and music world.

41. Miina Akkijyrkka

examples of street art: Miina Äkkijyrkkä

Street art: Miina Äkkijyrkkä turns used vehicles into animal sculptures

Finnish sculptor Miina Akkijyrkka has a thing for cows. She scours her native country for used vehicles and turns them into these huge animal sculptures. The artist has been working her magic for an impressive 50 years.

42. Vhils

examples of street art: Vhils

Street art: Vhils creates his murals using stencils, chisels and drills

Alexandre Farto, a.k.a. Vhils, is a street artist hailing from Portugal. He has become renowned for his murals, which he traditionally creates using stencils, chisels and drills - cutting either directly into walls or removing layers of advertising posters.

To make the murals, Vhils marks the drawing on the wall and then carves the surface layer, which is usually plaster. He tried to have a fixed element (the stencil which is applied to the poster, metal, the wall which is chiselled away), but also includes variable elements such as the nature of the materials which change and dictate the final form of the piece.

43. The Glue Society

examples of street art: Glue Society

Someone go and grab a giant spoon, quick!

It's so hot on Tamarara beach in Australia, that this ice cream truck melted! Ok, you got us, it's actually a brilliant street art sculpture, created by artists at The Glue Society.

The installlation, titled Hot With The Chance of Late Storm, was displayed on the beach during the opening of the 10th annual Sculpture By The Sea exhibition back in 2006.

44. JR

examples of street art: JR

Street art: Photographer and artist JR has been dubbed the 'French Banksy'

French photographer and artist JR's political street art began during the Paris riots of 2005. Angered by the way the areas involved were being presented in the media, he took photos of the residents pulling funny faces and flyposted them around the city.

His passion-filled, often didactic artwork has since appeared in deprived areas aross the world, from the suburbs of Paris to the shantytowns of Rio. He's also been arrested in China, and in 2011 was awarded the TED prize, worth $100,000.

45. HangFire

Hang Fire is a creative team of graffiti artists, working in the UK to produce quality art commissions at any size, any style, any where. This latest project, entitled 'Icarus_13', sees two of their leading members putting their stamp on a Boeing 737. Sat One and Roids battled sleep deprivation, weather and the enormous size and scale of the plane to face the fundamental task of working out the best way to paint a curved aluminium surface. Both artists worked day and night to complete the piece that truly showcases the pair's talents.

This film was shot and edited by Aardman designer Gavin Strange who manages to capture the colossal task at hand in beautiful fashion.

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