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Every Google doodle ever in one giant GIF

Click the image to see the GIF in all its glory (WARNING - 15MB download!)

Click the image to see the GIF in all its glory (WARNING - 15MB download!)

As one of the top brands in the entire world, Google sure know how to keep things interesting. With one of the most iconic logo designs out there, their Google Doodles always act as a playful celebration on that date - often paying tribute to iconic and historic figures.

To celebrate the search giant's 15th birthday, Daniel Stuckley from Motherboard put every single Google Doodle ever into one giant GIF. "Little did I know, making it would consume more than 10 hours of my time," he explains. "I had a good workflow established. But as I got into the more recent years (2010-2013), Google started doodling something almost every day".

The result is a completed GIF of 1,809 frames. "It became a personal challenge after the first 500 frames, and I couldn't stop myself," Stuckley concludes. "So behold, this is simply the biggest, most time-consuming animation I've ever saved as a .gif".

You can view the GIF in all its glory by clicking the above image - although if you're on a mobile using 3G you may want to wait until you're in a Wi-Fi area - because it's an eyewatering 15MB file!

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