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New site pokes fun at Apple's top designer

Despite being known for creating some of the best product design ever, people love to poke fun at Jony Ive.

With this soundboard by Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs you can fuse together some of Ive's favourite words to create sentences such as "the humanity is technically incapable and inept", and have them delivered in the voice of Ive himself. His mouth even waggles.

When you're done with the silliness, there's a serious point behind it all: Hoy and Fuchs want Ive to take Apple's UI design in a different direction.

In a post entitled "Destroying Apple's legacy...or saving it", Hoy argues that the minimalist principles that worked well for Ive as a hardware designer do not work when applied to software design. He designed great products by simplifying things, but now he's prioritising a the visual trend of minimalism above usability. "Minimalism in software is achieved by simplifying feature sets, not stripping away pixels," she says. "It’s not minimalism to rip away the very things your users need. It’s sadism."

Let us know what you think of Jony's haptic, horological engineering feats in the comments.

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