14 female fantasy artists to follow on Instagram

These fantasy artists are seriously ahead of their game, and will inspire you to step yours up.

With the release of Women of Wonder and more and more women becoming recognised as fantasy artists (in the likes of Spectrum, and on the frontlines of the industry) it's important to give those who are a step ahead their due call.

Instagram is the perfect format to share your art easily, so if you haven't already – set up an account and get posting, you will be in good company. These 14 women are truly inspirational, and get this... they post their art, WIP's and more all for free to enchant and motivate you – so get following!

01. J.A.W. Cooper

jaw cooper

Professional illustrator grew up all around the globe. Now residing in Los Angeles she has tried her hand and mastered everything from concept art to sculpture.

02. Kit King


Born to artist parents, Kit currently works out of her home in rural Ontario. The Canadian focuses on hyperrealism but there is no doubt a fantastical and mysterious element to her work.

03. Wendy Ortiz

wendy ortiz

Wendy creates captivating spiritually charged paintings so intricate they could be mistaken for witchcraft. Her work is often somber and surreal, provoking thoughtful melancholy in a feminine form. A true modern day sorcerous with a paintbrush.

04. Teagan White

teagan white

Teagan is a freelance illustrator who specialises in intricate drawings of flowers, animals and typography. With clients like Penguin Random House and Nike under her belt - she is full of inspiration.

05. Erica Williams

erica williams

Having worked as a graphic designer for print advertising and screen printed apparel, Erica united these skills with her love of illustration, hand lettering, screen printing and music and began making music posters. She takes much of her inspiration from folklore and history.

06. Natalie Hall

natalie hall

If tattoo styles are more your bag, then check out Los Angeles based tattoo artist and illustrator, Natalie Hall. She has a knack for capturing the dark and macabre, where beauty and beast unite in her fearlessly fluid sketches.

07. Kat Katchem

kat katchem

Kat, a 3D character Artist at BioWare in Austin, Texas, shares the ultimate in art porn for aspiring games concept illustrators and designers (with a good helping of selfies too!). Her instagram showcases her unbelievable talent in all art forms - from digital paintings to 3D work and illustrations.

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