Nathan Love creates all-new 3D world for Kellogg's

New York-based animation studio uses Maya, ZBrush and RealFlow to create a magical world for Kellogg's Fruit Loops cereal brand.

This campaign for Kellogg's Froot Loops cereal brand sees the popular character Toucan Sam transported into an all-new 3D world, courtesy of ad agency LeoBurnett and animation studio Nathan Love.

"Being involved since the initial pitch phase, Nathan Love helped develop the look and feel of the first all-3D adventures of Toucan Sam and his nephews," explains director and founder JoeBurrascano. "We created several animation and rendertests to help the agency convince Kellogg's to move forward with this new approach.

The Nathan Love team used RealFlow to create the piles of gold coins in Carl’s lair

"The material went outfortesting, and the results were unanimous: 'Carl the King Crab' emerged victorious! Working closely with the agency, ourteam oversaw and executed every phase of production - from the character design, storyboard and animatic phase, to 3D asset creation for all the characters, props, and environments.

RealFlow helped us to achieve the motion and detail we were going for

"We used a variety of software on this project. What was crucial for us (although not outwardly apparent) was RealFlow. Even though we didn't use it for any fancy water simulations, we did use the software to create the piles of gold coins in Carl's lair. We also used it to simulate the effect of Carl rising from the pile of pirate's booty. This was the money shot, and we needed it to be as dramatic as it was real. RealFlow helped us to achieve the motion and detail we were going for."

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