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24 free 3D models

Free 3D models mean that when you're building a complex 3D scene, you won't have to sculpt and texture every object in it by hand. Instead, you can head to one of the many sites out there that offer every 3D asset you can imagine and stock up on pre-made goodies to dress your scene to your heart's content.

Of course, not all of the free 3D models out there are of the quality you expect for your next project. Luckily, we've gone hunting through the online offerings and found the very best models for you to use. You're welcome.

If free 3D models aren't enough and you need textures, we've got that covered with our pick of the best free textures. And we'll throw in some 3D inspiration too, with a rundown of the best 3D art we could find.

01. Interior design

Free 3D models: Model Dezign

Dress your house up to the nines

Model Dezign has 15 top-quality free 3D models that will dress your 3D house up to the nines. With intricate models ranging from an interior door to a wooden bedside table, you'll find almost everything you need to make a realistic 3D house scene. The models come in all major file formats, and if you register for free you will have access to the growing range of 3D models.

In case you can't find everything you want here, Model Dezign also offers a custom 3D model building service where they will build anything you need to your exact specification.

02. Planet Earth

Free 3D models: Planet Earth

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Built using maps supplied by NASA, this detailed model of the Earth features daylight diffuse, night light illumination and bump (and alternate normal) maps, as well as a separate cloud layer. Both the terrain and clouds can be animated independently, and the opacities on the maps can be adjusted for better day or night light mapping, depending on your view.

03. Wolf

Free 3D models: Wolf

12/10 would pet with extreme care

Get a load of this good boy. This fully rigged wolf model comes with all the textures and materials you're going to need, and it's already animated, making it perfect to drop into any gaming project. Best of all, it's good to go with loads of 3D packages and game engines, so whether you're working in Blender or Unity, you'll find a download to suit you.

04. Male anatomy

Free 3D models: Male anatomy

Download the model to find out just how anatomically correct it is

If you're working with human figures, then a good anatomy reference is an essential thing to have nearby, and this free model could be just the thing you need. Stripped of pesky skin and hair to reveal the muscles beneath, this real-world scale model human comes as a full scene with cameras, lights and render settings, and it's ready to play with in Cinema 4D R19 and ZBrush 4R7.

05. Wall-E

Free 3D models: Wall-E model

Aww, look at him. Couldn't you just take him home?

This painstaking reproduction of everyone's favourite junkyard robot is the work of Corey Drake,and he's done an impressive job. It's fully rigged and ready for animation, it comes in Maya and mental ray formats, and it's UV mapped with all textures and materials included, so it's basically good to go as soon as you've downloaded it. Like all these models, make sure you check the usage licence. 

06. One-of-a-kind spider

Free 3D models: spider


One for the arachnophiles, here. This detailed spider model isn't based on any actual species of spider, but it looks good enough to give anyone a fright. The Cinema 4D version comes with two light and environment setups that you can switch between in the Layer menu, while the converted OBJ file has two versions – with or without hairs.

07. Bugatti Chiron

Free 3D models: Chiron model

This 3D model's probably a lot less hassle to own than a real Chiron, anyway

The chances of you ever actually owning a Bugatti Chiron – or even a second-hand Veyron – may be pretty slim, but if you feel the need to validate your existence by being seen near one, here's your best bet. 

Download this excellent recreation, built in Blender by Kimz Auto, render it up and paste yourself in next to it, and Bob's your midlife crisis-afflicted uncle.

08. Ramirez classic guitar

Free 3D models: guitar

This detailed classical guitar looks worthy of a quick strum

It's easy enough to find any number of ropey electric guitar models online, but if your tastes don't run to Flying Vs and knock-off Strats, this glorious acoustic model, based on a Ramirez classical guitar, ought to do nicely. It comes in OBJ, 3ds and blend format, and even has its own stand.

09. Dalek

Free 3D models: dalek

It's a 2005 model Dalek so yes, it can go upstairs

Sharp-eyed Doctor Who fans will have instantly noted that this high-poly model for 3ds Max and V-Ray is a 2005 Dalek rather than one of the classic models. It's a good vintage, we reckon; much better than 2010's brightly-coloured New Paradigm models, and plenty threatening.

10. Goldfish

Free 3D models: Goldfish

Bring your underwater scenes to life with this free goldfish model

Bring your underwater scenes to life with this free goldfish model from Turbosquid user Heidycurbelo. Available in .max and .3ds formats, this asset includes all textures and materials and should be used in accordance with Turbosquid's royalty free license.

11. BB-8

Free 3D models: BB-8

Isn't he adorable? BB-8 here is ready rigged for animation

Everyone's favourite droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been recreated and made available for free from Free3D. This BB-8 model by Steve Lalonde is rigged two different ways for animation purposes and comes complete with high quality textures, and it's available on .obj, .max and .fbx formats.

12. Wine glasses

Free 3D models: wine glasses

Save yourself lots of time by downloading these free 3D wine glass models

Creating realistic looking glass in 3D is both tricky and time-consuming. Here, 3D artist Mihai Panait has done the hard work for you, creating a set of various-shaped wine glasses. Available in .max, .obj and .3ds formats, the models are offered for use under a standard royalty free license.

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