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The best iPhone cases you've ever seen!

Twin-Design have created some brilliantly inventive phone cases for Swiss newspaper Blick's new smartphone app.

blick apps
Twin-Design bring an ad campaign for Blick Apps to life with these virtual phone cases

Print advertising has to really pop out of a magazine - especially if the product is one that's popular amongst creatives. When we stumbled upon this beautiful campaign, we had to marvel at the 3D skills, art direction, and spot-on execution that went into the project.

Switzerland-based agency Twin-Design created these fantastic iPhone case images as part of an ad for Swiss tabloid newspaper Blick's new smartphone app. The app covers news, sports, gossip, and more, and the ad campaign ingeniously communicates that message.

Inspired by Blick's services. the agency designed the virtual phonecases to showcase the variety of interests serviced by the app, including football, hockey, celebrities and movies. What a way to bring an ad to life - we just wish the cases were real ones!

blick apps
blick apps
blick apps
blick apps
blick apps

See more of Twin-Design's work over on their Behance page.

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