USAWALTZ: mesmerising Japanese animation

As various animals glide across your screen, singing this incredibly catchy tune, you'll find yourself mesmerized by Japanese animation USAWALTZ. Animation extraordinaire Andy Martin tells us more...

Words: Andy Martin

I apologise in advance. When you watch 'USAWALTZ' you will be singing its catchy song for at least the next hour. From the moment the first dolphin appears carrying a gang of seven dancing rabbit creatures on his back you know you are in for an oddball ride.

Animal kingdom

Throughout the short the screen is filled (to the point of it bursting at some sections) with random animals swimming, gliding and twisting passed our eyes. It's all created in thick black and white lines, giving it a feel like old lino cut prints.

It was made by Asami Ike who, as well as making all the visuals, also put together the music with a little help from Takeshi Ike as the voice of the dolphin. It's worth checking out his website for more charmingly naive random oddities, including a couple more videos he's put on YouTube featuring the rabbits from 'USAWALTZ'.

Anyway, get ready to hum "…Imn bebo be ba bep bo bem, Imn bebo be ba bep bo bem, Imn bebo be ba bep bo bem…"

Andy Martin is a freelance animation director with over 10 years experience in the field. He also dabbles in illustration and music creation. See his work at his site and follow him at @handymartian.