5 reasons why you need the stunning new Mac Pro

Here’s the striking new Mac Pro and now that we’ve stopped staring at it and stroking it, here’s why you’ll want one on your desk once it lands next year...

You've never seen a workstation that looks quite like this...

Apple is reknowned for its products' covetability as much as their utility and the cuttingness of their edges ever since the Steve Jobs-Jony Ive dream team changed the home computer landscape with the iMac way back when. However the Mac Pro has, despite some nice touches and metallic construction, been the utilitarian of the Apple desktop family, with its no-nonsense frame and power to compete with the top-end PCs.

The new Mac Pro changes things. It is curious and beautiful, with its huge computing power finally being matched by that want-one intangible that so many other Apple products have built-in. So does the anthracite metallic cylinder mean that finally OS X-loving designers can have their cake and chow down? We've grabbed hold of one and now present five reasons why you will want to do the same when it is released in early 2014.

01. Its design

As you can see, the anthracite metallic shell is nothing like the black that you see on the official images

The old Mac Pro was something that you hid under your desk - not so the new one. At 9.9in high, 6.6in diameter, and weighing 11lb, it's 100 per cent gorgeous and can sit next to your monitor set-up with pride.

As you can probably see, it's not the easiest thing to photograph with its shiny-shinyness and dark metal that would give Disaster Area's stunt ship in The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy a run for its money in the 'dark and cool' stakes.

Watch our colleagues at MacFormat get up close and personal when they unboxed the Mac Pro - look how excited they are:

02. Its power

All this stuff does stuff which makes your design life easier

We won't dwell on this area - you can check out the Apple Store and Techradar's review for the full tech spec - but it has serious power that top-end graphic designers and 3D artists will comfortably be able to utilise to their hearts' content.

Briefly: dual workstation-class AMD FirePro GPUs - standard in every Mac Pro - provide up to 12GB of video memory, with up to 528GBs of memory bandwidth for manipulating complex models with massive geometry and large textures.

As well as looking outlandish, the Mac Pro is designed to aid cooling

If that's not enough for you, you can upgrade to 12-core Intel Xeon E5 processors - with up to 60GB/s of memory bandwidth - which will make rendering tasks incredibly fast. And PCIe-based flash storage (up to 1GB) and 1866MHz memory make quick work of virtually everything you do.

03. It's a Mac

You can connect up to three 4K displays for pin-sharp visuals

Okay, this one will entirely depend on your personal preference in terms of operating system, but for certain creatives only a Mac will do. The Mac Pro ships with the very latest version of OS X Mavericks, and there are some people who reckon that Apple's operating system is the best fit for the ubiquitous Adobe software.

04. Did we mention its design?




05. Its expense

More expensive means better, right? The basic Mac Pro will set you back $2,999 (£2,499) but the six-core version is $3,999 (£3,299) and it can be specced-up to leave you very little change from $10,000 and more once you've added 4K monitors... Now, you could get a hugely powerful PC for half of that, but that's a can of worms which shall remain unopened for now...

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