18 cutting-edge creative trends revealed in Behance book

How movements like ‘digitally modified reality’ are transforming the creative landscape.

Behance and Adobe have launched their first-ever book, Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work.

The weighty 288-page coffee table book distills extensive real-time data into a gorgeous, tightly curated celebration of the latest creatives, trends and techniques set to shape the future of art and design.

Spread from chapter four in Super-Modified: Patterns On Patterns

Behance is the world's largest network for showcasing and discovering creative work, receiving a phenomenal daily influx of new projects from around the world.

In Super-Modified, the curatorial team survey the landscape of global creativity through 18 themed chapters, and share their insight into what’s coming next across fields ranging from fine art and illustration to fashion, photography, web design and digital art.

From innovative twists on traditional crafts to insightful implementations of new technologies, Super-Modified looks at how today's emerging creatives are driving forward the design world.

Super-Modified also contains interviews with exciting creatives like Vancouver-based "slow crafter" Hine Mizushima

"Super-Modified looks at how a humble material, like felt, is being remixed in office spaces, character designs and furniture; how recycled design is making everything from discarded aluminum cans to shipping containers fair game for reinvention; and how the grand, cinematic visions of traditional architecture are finding their way into interior spaces," says Scott Belsky, vice president of Creative Cloud Ecosystem and Behance at Adobe.

"With the lightning-fast evolution of the creative tools we use to manipulate photos, videos and more, while "reality" was once what you see right in front of you, it's becoming just one ingredient among many in the end product of innovative creators. There used to be a line where reality ended and the great unknown began — now that line is beyond blurred and new frontiers in what looks and feels "real" are opening up."

Priced at €39.90 / $55.00 / £35.00, Super-Modified is a full-colour, hardback coffee table book, published by Gestalten and on sale now.

JUCO is the photographic collaborative work of Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud

Chapters are opened with an informative foreword summing up the trends that appear over the ensuing pages

Talented creatives like illustrator Jing Zhang and Studio MUTI are showcased inside Super-Modified

Spread from chapter 15, Off the Grid

Super-Modified comes with a folded, wrap-around cover poster

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