15 fantastic logo fonts

Looking for the perfect font for a branding or logo project? We’ve researched some of the very best fonts for tackling a new logo design – and complied them into a handy list for you to refer back to whenever you need.

Whether you want an elegant serif, stunning slab, high-impact stencil or more, you’ll find a wealth of inspiration here. Scroll down for 15 of our favourite logo fonts...

01. Bella by Face37

F37 Bella is designed in the classical French Didot style, but with a contemporary geometrical twist

Exclusive to the HypeForType font foundry, Bella is a classical Didot-inspired beauty that suggests the best of Paris and New York in a single package. Broad strokes and slender curves invoke the impact of vintage headlines, while the minimalist 'stencil' version is an exercise in geometrical perfection. You’ll want to find reasons to employ this delectable award-winning font.

02. Palm Canyon Drive [Deluxe] by Amy Hood

Palm Canyon Drive has a classy yet unpretentious tone
(Image: © Amy Hood)

Add some mid-century Californian magic to your logos and branding with Palm Canyon Drive [Deluxe edition], a classy monoline script fuelled by post-war optimism and inspired by retro matchbook covers, travel postcards, Tikki bars and Hollywood. Designed by Amy Hood of Hoodzpah Design Co, it comes in three weights – Light, Regular and Heavy – and includes standard extra glyphs 

03. Muirside by Steven Bonner

Muirside is a contemporary and clean stencil font that's ideal for logos

A Hype For Type exclusive, this cool stencil font is built on charisma – and makes for a classy logo font. The unfussy but detailed design looks very at home in a smart urban setting. Think menswear, cycle shops and super-fine stationery for starters.

04. Aracne Condensed by Antipixel

The all-caps Aracne collection features tall, slightly scrawled letterforms

It's caps all the way with this deceptively decorative Antipixel package. Side by side the four weights give a surprising degree of variety, while the elongated letters and charmingly irregular edges suggest everything from Tim Burton movie credits to the label of your skinniest jeans.

05. Al Fresco by Laura Worthington

Al Fresco is a breezy, light, yet expressive logo font

Fashion conscious but not too exclusive, sophisticated but still fresh, Al Fresco brings plenty of inspiring emotions to a designer with a logo to style. European flair and romance abound in the main face and the accompanying swashes and ligatures. Designer Laura Worthington used the word 'irresistible' as a template and this theme shines in an ever-so-tempting font.

06. Authority by RetroSupply

Stamp some 1970s New York government authority into your logo projects with this no-nonsense font
(Image: © RetroSupply)

Inspired by 1970s-era New York government-designed public fonts, Authority has a mildly condensed feel with squared corners. The family includes three fonts – Standard, Rounded and Distressed – that simulate the natural raging of the font in public spaces, and six different styles. It also comes with language support for 75 Western languages.  

07. Etch by Produce

Etch is a fun and playful display font

Slim grooves, symmetry and perfect spacing are everything in this tribute font to the etched letter plates of yesteryear. Like a ride in a classy hotel elevator, Etch can add a fun and effortless vintage vogue to the job at hand.

08. Gauthier by Fontyou

Gauthier FY is a contemporary old-style serif that makes for a sophisticated logo font

Good design doesn't age and the Renaissance influence on this classic-looking serif proves it. Tall x-heights mean every letter makes the most of its space, and while prose flows elegantly on the page, for logo work the accompanying detailed italic is well worth exploring.