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The 10 best designers you don't know about (yet)

Catch up with the new crop of cutting-edge creatives.

01 StudioAnti


Anti is the Berlin-based alias of Willem Stratmann, a graphic designer with over a decade's industry experience in editorial and advertising.

Ostensibly a one-man set-up, Stratmann drafts in collaborators for projects including campaigns for Mercedes Benz and Nike. He says these "combine classic communication skills with contemporary aesthetic qualities."

02 Ill Studio


Ill Studio is the collective name for this 10-man strong team of contemporary artists and designers who are based across France. The client work they've produced so far includes art direction for French art and fashion title Magazine, Nike campaigns, and animation and graphics for the French fashion house Petit Bateau.

03 Leslie David

leslie david

"For me, my work is an evolution, always changing," explains Leslie David, the Paris-based graphic designer and former Petronio Associates employee whose client work includes projects for Chlo© and Miu Miu. Currently working on a collaboration with cutting-edge fashion label Surface to Air, David's stock looks certain to rise.

04 PetPunk


PetPunk is a collaboration between two artists based in Lithuania: Gediminas Siaulys and Andrius Kirvela. The team works on graphic and motion design, with a slant towards illustration and animation. "Perhaps it's our tendency to be very hybrid in our approach," says Kirvela of their success. "It's a slippery combination [of] handmade and computer-made."

05 Mash Design


"Mash is a mob of creatives who construct and present all that is visual, and in so doing don't get hung up on ridiculous theories and processes." So says founding member James Brown, who, with partner Dom Roberts, forms the backbone of the Australian collective, bringing design clarity to brands such as 4AD records and Michell 1870.

06 Dyhr.Hagen


Peter Hagen and Lars Dyhr are the creative masterminds behind Dyhr.Hagen, a design and ad agency based in Copenhagen that specialises in lifestyle fashion and editorial design. "We try to incorporate a universe that is as challenging as possible," says Hagen, who describes their style as "contemporary graphics with a twist of rock 'n' roll."

07 Florence Tetier

florance tyler

She virtually fell into design nine years ago and now Florence Tetier is one of the most in-demand all-round designers, working across textile design, illustration and editorial for some of the coolest brands around. "My style often looks very intuitive, very do-it-yourself, sometimes dark and almost always related to fashion and the human body," she says.

08 Dustin Arnold

dylan arnold

Dustin Edward Arnold is a designer par excellence, who in his short career so far has created visuals for the likes of Issey Miyake, Levi Strauss, Bang & Olufsen and Apple. "I think people might be too fixated with what they can get rather than what they can do," explains Arnold. "I'm all about pushing the boundaries of what I can do."

09 Ahonen & Lamberg


Anna Ahonen and Katariina Lamberg are a design duo based in Helsinki, whose penchant for classical, classy design has won them many admirers, as well as work for clients including Cerruti and Uniqlo. "We're really lucky to have found each other as design partners," explains Katariina. "The combination of our minds creates a unique imaginary world."


ice cream

Oliver Wiegner is the founder and the lone member of ICE CREAM FOR FREE, a Berlin-based studio with work under its belt for Adidas, Greenpeace and Wired magazine. "Every designer tries to find new, unique ways to express themselves - just like I do," says Wiegner. "I try to provoke with a combination of oddness and beauty."

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