Every colour Lego has ever used revealed

Jeremy Moody's huge Lego chart displays every single colour of the popular building bricks.

Lego colour chart

This impressive chart took Jeremy a year to make

From flamingo pink to chrome red, plenty of different Lego colours have emerged over the years. While we've already seen how the Lego pallete has changed and some brilliant examples of Lego art, this comprehensive chart by Lego fan Jeremy Moody finally showcases every shade in one place.

Made up of 182 different bricks, one for each colour, it took Moody a year to complete the colourful collection. Thanks to the inclusion of rare pieces the average fan won't be able to track down, his chart is sure to be an invaluable research hub for Lego enthusiasts.

With plans in place to extend the chart when new colours are released, it'll be worth bookmarking this Lego periodic table for future reference. Feast your eyes on Moody's chart below...

Lego colour chart

182 different Lego colours in all their glory

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