Artists react to Disney princess pin-ups

As alternative and somewhat controversial Disney princess illustrations go viral, the design world has its say.

Disney fan art is nothing new. In fact Disney pin-up art is nothing new. But that didn't stop Russian pin-up artist Andrew Tarusov's recent body of work, which saw some of Disney's most famous ladies transported into a whole new world indeed, go viral this week.

In the series, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Belle from Beauty and the Beast are among a number of Disney princesses to undergo a provocative pin-up-style makeover. And people had plenty to say about it...

But what does the design world make of these subverted mash-ups...?

Incredible execution

Graphic designer and owner of A.H.A. Design Ltd Andy Hau comments: "Jiminy Cricket, is nothing sacred anymore?! In all seriousness though, I’m not here to trash another artist – I think the execution is incredible and it’s provocative, which good art should be. When artists create, they expose a piece of their soul, so for me, the most interesting thing is not whether I like it or not, but actually seeing what’s going on in Andrew’s mind.

I think the execution is incredible and it’s provocative, which good art should be

"The most unfortunate thing about the images for me is that the whole thing is just a bit of a one liner – beyond making the Disney Princesses sexier and being a showcase for his immense talent, there’s not very much left to think about, which unfortunately strips the images of their potential (political?) power."

Are the illos just a bit of a one liner? Andy Hau thinks so

Old news?

Others, however, including visual artist Josephine and senior animation student Stephanie Alexander suggested the idea is a little tired...

So what do you make of the princess pin-ups? Let us know in the comments below.

You can see the full Disney princess pin-up series over on Tarusov's Instagram account (NSFW, kind of).


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