17 illustrators to follow on Instagram

Instagram has quickly become the new black when it comes to social networking. What better way to capture and share some of your favourite moments and get inspired at the same time from some of the most exciting creatives out there.

But it's not just photographers on Instagram who post interesting and intriguing stuff. Here's a quick list of the some of the biggest and the best illustrators to follow…

01. Jean Julien

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French illustrator and Central Saint Martin's graduate Jean Julien is everywhere right now. His account is dedicated to his satirical and colourful illustrations, and are always guaranteed to make you chuckle.

02. Mr Bingo

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You'll know Mr Bingo from his hugely popular Hate Mail project. On his Instagram account, he shares his latest offensive postcard illustrations, as well as arty shots of his adventures.

03. Rob Hodgeson

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Bristol-based illustrator Rob Hodgeson shares a real mix of images on his account. Pictures of his work take predominance, followed closely by some cute – and often funny – pictures of his cat, Peggy Sue.


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Polish illustrator and street artist SAINER creates pieces of work that are often gigantic in size and beautifully intricate. Give his Instagram account a follow to keep-up-to date with his latest stuff.

05. DailyDoodleGram

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Israeli illustrator Geffen Refaeli first started the DailyDoodleGram project in May 201 and has uploaded a new illustration each day ever since. His account has skyrocketed! With nearly 50,000 followers, make sure you give him a follow and get your daily pencil drawing fix.

06. Luke Pearson

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Luke Pearson is an illustrator, cartoonist and comic book artist from the UK, and has produced work for clients including Penguin Books, Wired, Little White Lies Magazine and Cartoon Network. A great account to follow if you're passionate about character design.

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