20 illustrators to follow on Instagram

It's not just photographers on Instagram who post interesting and intriguing images. The social network is bursting with creative talent from across the artistic spectrum. 

Instagram is a great way to capture and share some of your favourite moments and get inspired at the same time from some of the most exciting creatives out there. 

To help get you started, or to spice up your feed, here's a list of the some of the biggest and best illustrators to follow...

01. Bodil Jane

Dutch illustrator Bodil Jane has always kept journals and sketchbooks. She sees Instagram as a fast and modern way to keep track of her work, and describes her feed as "colourful, feminine, playful and fun".

She enjoys taking photos of her work in progress, as well as the finished work, and where it ends up – from paper coffee cups in Korea to tote bags in Australia. "I think Instagram is the number one social media for illustrators," she says. "I get most of my jobs through the channel." 

Bodil Jane notes that her Instagram has grown very, very fast – she now has over 100,000 followers. "This gives me a kick and is also pretty addictive," she says. "It motivates me to get so many followers, likes and comments. The downside is that it feels like another job. It's distracting!"

02. Hélène Baum

Berlin-based Hélène Baum comes from a graphic design background, but has slowly transitioned to illustration, using watercolour and vector drawing to create images. "Colour is primordial for me, and is a bit of an obsession," she says. "Content-wise, many of my images are about identity and diversity. I also find inspiration in mythology, legends, nature and cultures around the world."

Baum says she likes to photograph "anything that intrigues me optically, or gets my 'colour sensors' going." She enjoys using Instagram as an addition to her more static website portfolio, as it enables her to show her work in an "organic living way, with behind-the-scenes moments." 

She also says the platform has been helpful professionally, and has brought in work. "I like this sense of an international community sharing what's important to them," she says.

03. Catalina Estrada

Catalina Estrada's brightly coloured, nature-inspired patterned work graces everything from wallpaper and colouring books to clothing and duvet covers these days. Her Instagram account's a great place to see her latest work, as well as pictures of her and her family.

04. Berta Valló

Born in Budapest and now based in London having graduated from Central Saint Martins, Berta Valló's work often explores themes of identity and female sexuality in relation to consumerist culture. Her Instagram is a great place to see it.

05. Jean Julien

Instagram header

You'll have seen the work of French illustrator and Central Saint Martin's graduate Jean Julien. His account is dedicated to his satirical and colourful illustrations – some published works, some sketches in progress – all of which are guaranteed to make you chuckle.

06. Mr Bingo

Instagram header

You'll know Mr Bingo from his hugely popular Hate Mail project. On his Instagram account, he shares his latest offensive postcard illustrations, as well as arty shots of his adventures.

07. Rob Hodgson

Instagram header

Bristol-based illustrator Rob Hodgson shares a real mix of images on his account. Pictures of his work take predominance, followed closely by some cute – and often funny – pictures of his cat, Peggy Sue.


Instagram header

Polish illustrator and street artist SAINER creates pieces of work that are often gigantic in size and beautifully intricate. Give his Instagram account a follow to keep-up-to date with his latest artworks.

09. DailyDoodleGram

Instagram header

Israeli illustrator Geffen Refaeli first started the DailyDoodleGram project in May 2001 and has uploaded a new illustration each day ever since. His account has skyrocketed! With 103,000 followers, make sure you give him a follow to get your daily pencil drawing fix.

10. Luke Pearson

Instagram header

Luke Pearson is an illustrator, cartoonist and comic book artist from the UK who has produced work for clients including Penguin Books, Wired, Little White Lies Magazine and Cartoon Network. It's a great account to follow if you're passionate about character design.

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Natalie Steers is a writer and social media expert, and is currently digital content marketer.