Is .Mail the perfect email client for designers?

Though still in development, Tobias van Schneider's .Mail client is making some serious waves.

Tobias van Schneider is a self-taught art director and user interface designer from Germany. And, with clients including Red Bull, Ralph Lauren, Sony and Graz Secrets, his credentials are second to none. But Tobias isn't satisfied with working at the forefront of design - he wants to fix email, too.

Tobias has been working on a new project, titled .Mail, and it's creating a quiting a stir online. Working to alleviate the frustration many of us have with traditional email clients, and using his background as a designer and interface specialist, Tobias has come up with a series of simple ways to improve upon the traditional functionality of a standard email clients.


At the forefront of Tobias' project is new functionality called Actionsteps. Actionsteps is a way of setting the priority of emails, by using colour-coding to distinguish the most important mails.

Click to enlarge (© Tobias van Schneider)

Click to enlarge (© Tobias van Schneider)


The annoyance of attachments getting lost is also something Tobias wanted to tackle, so he has proposed a simple way of searching attachment files, as well as offering drag and drop functionality from a browser window.

Click to enlarge (© Tobias van Schneider)

How it could look

Below is a snapshot of how the interface could look, and we think it looks like something we'd love to try out in the flesh! If you want to find out more about Tobias' work ,and to show your support for the project, pop along to

Click to enlarge (© Tobias van Schneider)