How to draw your own Star Wars universe

Celebrate #forcefriday by learning to draw a space princess, laser guns, galaxies and more.

Happy #forcefriday! It's a day when Star Wars fans everywhere celebrate the four decade-old franchise – but what about creating your own Star Wars art?

In these five incredible tutorials, expert artists explain how to design the basic elements of sci-fi, from weapons to characters, that will give you the insight to create your own extended Star Wars universe.

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01. How to design sci-fi weapons

Over the past few years concept artist Brian Sum has had the opportunity to design some of the weapons for the Mass Effect franchise. He's come to realise that some basic design principles are universal and apply to weapon design as much as they do for character design and environment art. And he shares these principles in this 15 step tutorial.

02. How to paint a galactic princess in Photoshop

In this seven-step walkthrough, freelance illustrator Zezhou Chen reveals how he gives his celestial warrior princess the romance and magic she deserves.

03. How to design clothes with a sci-fi feel

Tony Foti is a full-time freelance illustrator based in California who contributes to D&D and Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings lines. Here he explains how to design a futuristic outfit for a sci-fi character.

04. How to design an original sci-fi character

An ImagineFX Rising Stars winner in 2011, Mclean Kendree now works at Kabam studios, and has produced concept art for THQ, Hasbro and 38 Studios. Here Mclean reveals how to design your very own sci-fi character from scratch.

05. How to paint an epic planetary smash-up

Any space scene is a daunting subject, but a celestial collision even more so. The trick is to keep things simple, explains fantasy artist Lauren K Cannon in this walkthrough.

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