The 40 best free graffiti fonts

Check out this cool compilation of free graffiti font styles for you to use right now.

We've sourced the coolest free graffiti fonts for you to use, no catch, so you can add a bit of Banksy to your project.

In recent decades, graffiti has moved from an urban nuisance to a professional business thanks to the rise of street art as a serious creative force. And with the artform ever growing in popularity, there are now a wealth of graffiti font styles available online for creatives to use as the typography in their urban artwork.

Here, we've scoured the web to find you the best examples of free fonts in a graffiti style for designers. Enjoy!

01. Urban Decay

Urban Decay is inspired by inner city life

A handmade brush stroke font inspired by Zofos' love of graffiti, urban exploration, street calligraphy and inner city living, Urban Decay is donationware that you're free to download but encouraged to pay a donation to the author.

02. London Graffiti

This font celebrates the work of 26 London graffiti artists

Created by Mr Alfabetman, London Graffiti is a caps-only affair, and each letter is drawn in the style of a different London graffiti artist. The end result is understandably a little disjointed, but there are some fab characters in there.

03. PW Graffiti

PW Graffiti is free for personal use

Peax Webdesign's graffiti font features a full set of capital letters and numerals, plus an assortment of characters and decorative glyphs. It's free for personal use; if you want to use it commercially it'll cost you $15.

04. Sprite Graffiti

Sprite features a full set of Cyrillic letterforms

Designed by Four Plus as part of FontFabric's campaign for Sprite Graffiti Fest 2014, this is apparently the first Bulgarian graffiti typeface to use the Cyrillic alphabet. Luckily it also comes with a complete set of Latin letters as well.

05. Wassimo Graffiti

Wassimo's letters some in outlined and filled flavours

Wassimo's striking letterforms come in caps only, but in outline and filled forms. If you want to use the filled set, simply type out lowercase letters. The font's completely free for personal and commercial use.

06. Fozzie Got A Posse Typeface

Graffiti font Posse
This graffiti font is explicitly based on tagging

Thiago, aka TIPS, is a 29-year-old graphic designer from São Paulo, Brazil and he's generously made this organic font based on graffiti tagging available as a free download. A brilliant graffiti font with a name you can't help but love.

07. Misdemeanour

Graffiti font Misdemeanour
Misdemeanour is a stencil font with a graffiti edge

Misdemeanour is a spraypaint stencil font by Kevin Christopher. Free for personal use only, this could be the perfect graffiti font for your Banksy-inspired designs.

08. You Murderer

Graffiti font You Murderer
You Murderer conveys a serial killer vibe masterfully

Want to convey the deranged killer vibe? Then the self-explanatory You Murder font offers a suitably psychotic graffiti font for you to try out. Created by Nate Piekos, it's free for personal use only.

09. Brooklyn

Graffiti font Brooklyn
Brooklyn is available in two versions, regular and inline

One of our favourite graffiti font styles, Brooklyn was developed by graphic designer Paul Reis, who describes it online as 'a calligraphy-based typeface that is both sleek and brutal'. Created as a result of his calligraphic exercises and doodles, Brooklyn is available in two versions, regular and inline.

10. Stylin' BRK

Graffiti font Styli' BRK
Styli' BRK is a simple marker style tag design. Image © Beraka

Stylin' BRK was the first font created by graphic and web designer Beraka. One of many graffiti font styles developed by this artist, the simple marker style tag design is by far his most popular download. Free for personal use only.

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