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Isometric animation pays homage to Sci-Fi movies

Some of the best designs in sci-fi movies are their environments. The buildings and landscapes are an absolute marvel and put the viewer right there with the characters. Designer Fabrice Le Nezet has combined his love of isometric drawing and created this incredible animation to pay homage to those sci-fi movies.

"I started this project a year-and-a-half ago as a side project.
At the beginning this was due to be a print series based on modern
architecture but very soon I decided to create an entire world around
the buildings that I created," he explains. "I wanted the graphic style to be minimalist in terms of volume and colour, with references to architectural floor-plans such as striped and chequered patterns, favouring a graphic approach over a technical/realistic one.

"Initially, all the buildings where supposed to be made out of
concrete, which is one of my favourite materials as a designer, but I
soon came to realise that it was visually to heavy. I eventually ended up with a very pure and simple monochromatic style, mixing small architectural forms and giant surreal moving stripes."

Have you created a homage to your favourite sci-fi movies? Let us know in the comments box below!