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Get started in 3D with this new training guide

3D World technical editor Rob Redman checks out this printed introductory guide to 3D software Modo.

The Foundry modo notes

Training is important to 3D artists at all levels of experience, from novice to veteran, and it's important that different teaching methods exist to assist the variety of artists get the best from their tools.

This is why printed training still has a place amongst all the videos we see these days. Having a book next to the screen can be an easy way to learn new tools and Ken Freed has written a solid guide – Modo notes – to the essential tools in Modo.

While the cover is a little underwhelming, don't let that put you off. There is some very good content in here and, if you are new to 3D or have experience using a different package, this book will get you up and running smoothly.

There is a small level of assumed knowledge, so a little time spent learning your way round the interface is wise. Once you get stuck in you will find that most subjects are tackled from various modeling methods, to texturing, rigging and lighting.

Freed's explanantions will get you up and running smoothly

Freed's explanantions will get you up and running smoothly

The training is accurate, covers useful examples and covers the basics, giving readers a strong foundation to build on. The lack of animation training is a shame but then again that could be a whole separate volume.

Although uninspiring from a project point-of-view this volume offers excellent training which is well written and presented. Modo Notes is available now with an RRP of £12.95.

Rob Redman

Rob Redman is the editor of 3D World and has a background in animation, visual effects, and photography.  

As well as being a multi-instrumentalist, Rob is also an avid beard grower.