The wrong way to build a portfolio

wrong way to build a portfolio: traffic light image with the red crossed out
(Image credit: Tobias van Schneider)

First, let me say that there is no 100 per cent 'right' way to build a design portfolio. Every company looks for something different when hiring a designer, and different roles require varying presentations. If there was one single correct way, Semplice (my customisable portfolio system for designers) wouldn’t exist and we’d all be using the same boring template.

However, I have seen designers make certain mistakes over and over again with their portfolios. It's these missteps that mean designers get stuck and fail to launch their portfolio site, or result in a site that doesn't properly sell their work.

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Tobias is the co-founder of Semplice, a portfolio system by designers for designers. Tobias writes about design and productivity on his blog, DESK.