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The best standing desk converter 2021

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best standing desk converters
(Image credit: Vivo)

The best standing desk converter can save you from the expense and hassle of buying and assembling a full standing desk. Instead of that, you just position a converter on top of your existing desk, allowing you to raise the height of your laptop or monitor. 

As well as saving you the time and expense involved in buying a whole new desk, this also has the benefit that it can allow you to spend some of the day sitting rather than standing the whole time. This is especially useful if you're just getting used to a new way of working.

Standing while will help tone your muscles, reduce back pain, lower your blood sugar, and improve your mood and energy levels. That in turn will make you more productive and creative, not to mention lowering your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. So a standing desk converter is an investment that's well worth making in both your wellbeing and your career. (Just like buying the best office chairs and the best desks). Read on for our pick of the best options, or skip to the bottom for advice on how to choose the best standing desk converter.

best standing desk converter: Vivo Desk RiserCB

(Image credit: Vivo)

01. Vivo Desk Riser 32in

The best standing desk converter overall

Height: 11.5-50.8cm (4.5-20in)
Platform size: Main platform 80cm x 40cm (31.5 x 15.8in); keyboard platform 66 x 26.1cm (26 x 10.3in)
Platform material: Wood (MDF)
Weight limit: 15kg (33lbs)
Reasons to buy
+Supports 15kg+Wide height range+Reasonably priced
Reasons to avoid
-Overkill if you're only using a laptop

This high-quality standing desk converter transforms your regular desk into one you can stand at quickly, easily and at a very reasonable price. With its concertina scissor mechanism and gas lift strut, it’s able to support up to 15kg of equipment and lift it anywhere between 4.5 and 20in higher than your regular desk. 

There’s a generous 31.5 x 15.8-in surface area, which makes it suitable for both a monitor and a laptop, if needed. There’s also a second tray (26 x 10.3in) for your keyboard and mouse, making this a beautifully ergonomic setup overall.

It comes almost fully assembled: just attach the keyboard tray and you’re ready to go. All in all, this provides everything that you’d expect from the best sit to stand desk converter on the market today. 

best standing desk converter: Vivo Black Height Adjustable 36 inch Standing Desk ConverterCB endorsed

(Image credit: Vivo)

02. Vivo Black Height Adjustable 36in

The best standing desk converter for a large surface area

Height: 16.5-43.1cm (6.5 to 17in)
Platform size: Main platform: 91.4 x 55.8cm (36 x 22in); keyboard platform: 63.5 x 26.6cm (25 x 10.5in)
Platform material: Alloy steel
Weight limit: 15kg (33lbs)
Reasons to buy
+Large surface area+Holds 15kg+Comes assembled
Reasons to avoid
-Not the widest height range

Want to use a large monitor, and maybe a laptop too, while standing? Then the best standing desk converter for you is the Vivo Black Height Adjustable 36in. This boasts a generous 36 x 22in of surfaces for all your kit, and can hold an impressive 15kg (33lbs) of equipment.

There’s also a 25 x 10.5-in keyboard tray, which raises in sync with the top surface. Height can be adjusted from 6.5 to 17in. The whole thing comes almost fully assembled: just place it on your existing desk, attach the keyboard and feet, and start organising your workstation.

best standing desk converter: Ergotron WorkFit-T Standing Desk ConverterCB endorsed

(Image credit: Ergotron )

03. Ergotron WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter

The best standing desk converter for heavy monitors

Height: 12.7-50.8cm (5-20in)
Platform size: Main platform: 90.8 x 59cm (35.75 x 23.25 inches); keyboard tray 64 x 23 cm (25 x 9 inches)
Platform material: Alloy steel
Weight limit: 18.1kg (40lbs)
Reasons to buy
+Supports 40lbs+Easy to use+No assembly required
Reasons to avoid

Got a heavy load that you need to support? Then the best standing converter we can recommend is the Ergotron WorkFit-T, which supports an astonishing 18.1kg (40lbs). That makes it the strongest standing desk converter on our list. 

It provides a large amount of surface area in both its main platform (35.75 x 23.25in) and keyboard tray (25 x 9in). It requires no assembly and is easy to use: just release hand-brake levers on either side of the unit to raise the surface between 5 and 20in above the desk. In fact, the only thing that counts against the WorkFit-T is the price, which is considerably higher than other models on this list.  

best standing desk converter: Cora Standing Desk Converter

(Image credit: Cora)

04. Cora Standing Desk Converter

The best standing desk converter for laptops only

Height: 3.4-39.4cm (1.3-15.7in)
Platform size: 79.5 x 55cm (31.3 x 22in)
Platform material: Laminate
Weight limit: 10kg (22lbs)
Reasons to buy
+Stylish looks+Non-skid pads+Reasonably priced
Reasons to avoid
-No keyboard tray

If you just want to use a laptop, rather than a full desktop PC, the best standing converter for you probably doesn’t need a keyboard tray. In which case, we’d recommend the Cora Standing Desk Converter. It’s a well-constructed, quality device that lets you create your own standing desk on any surface (traditional desk, kitchen table, hotel room table) and tuck it away when not in use.

Just press the side levers to raise the work surface anywhere between 3.4cm and 39.4cm. The desktop is made from liquid-resistant laminate, with a lightweight but sturdy aluminium base. It supports up to 10kg, and comes with non-skid pads to prevent damage to surfaces. It looks very attractive, too, and this all comes in at a very reasonable price. It's available from in the US and the UK.

best standing desk converter: VariDesk Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk Converter

(Image credit: VariDesk )

05. VariDesk Pro Plus 36in

The best standing desk converter for dual monitors

Height: 11 height settings; raises keyboard tray up to 35.5cm (14 inches), monitor up to 44.4cm (17.5 inches)
Platform size: Monitor tier 91.4 x 31.1cm (36 x 12.25in)
Platform material: Steel
Weight limit: 15.8kg (35lbs)
Reasons to buy
+Sturdy construction+11 height settings+30-day returns policy
Reasons to avoid

This standing desk converter from Varidesk is one of the most expensive on our list, but you get a premium product for your cash. It includes a large workspace with an upper tier (36 x 12.25in) for up to two monitors, a laptop, and a notebook and a lower tier for a standard keyboard, mouse, and other devices, papers, etc.

It comes fully assembled, so you can get started right away. Featuring a patented, spring-loaded lift and dual handle design, it's easy to move between 11 preset height settings, and its weighted base and high-quality steel construction make it sturdy and stable at all of them. Capable of holding 35lbs, this adjustable standing desk converter also comes with a 30-day returns policy and a five-year warranty.

best standing desk converter: Flexispot Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

(Image credit: Flexispot )

06. Flexispot Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

The best standing desk converter for a long lifespan

Height: 12.7-50.8cm (5-20in)
Platform size: Monitor tier: 88 x 41.5cm (34.6 x 16.34in)
Platform material: Wood and steel
Weight limit: 15kg (33lbs)
Reasons to buy
+Broad height range+Long lifespan promised+24/7 customer support
Reasons to avoid
-Materials feel a little cheap

Flexispot's Adjustable Standing Desk Converter offers a great balance between quality construction and affordability. Despite its reasonable price, it offers a lot of surface area that can host multiple pieces of equipment. 

The gas spring levitation system allows for smooth movement across a generous height range (5 to 20in). And the keyboard tray can be removed quickly and easily when you don't need it. This standing desk converter is tested to over 6,000 lift/lower cycles and comes with a five-year warranty and 24/7 support.

best standing desk converter: Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Standing Desk Converter

(Image credit: Stand Steady)

07. Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Standing Desk Converter

A good choice if you're just using a laptop

Height: 17.7-40.6cm (7-16 inches)
Platform size: 50.8 x 71.12cm (20 x 28 inches)
Platform material: Metal
Weight limit: 9kg (20lbs)
Reasons to buy
+Attractive design+Good value
Reasons to avoid
-Only one surface area-May be pricey outside US

The X-Elite Pro sit-stand workstation is a best-seller at Walmart in the US, and for good reason. It arrives fully assembled, fits on top of your existing desk, and makes it easy for you to transition from sitting to standing while you work, using a pneumatic pump. Its minimalist cherry frame makes for a simple yet attractive design that should fit in with any home workplace. And it comes fully assembled too. 

Note, however, that there’s no keyboard tray, so this is only really suitable for laptop use. Plus, while the price for US customers seems very reasonable, at the time of press the cost in the UK seems overly high due to import fees. British readers should still keep an eye on this page, though, because our pricing widgets update in real time, so if prices drop, you’ll be the first to know about it.

best standing desk converter: Amazon Basics Adjustable Standing Desk

(Image credit: Amazon Basics)

08. Amazon Basics Adjustable Standing Desk Attachment

The best cheap standing desk converter

Height: 6.35-50.8cm (2.5-20 inches)
Platform size: Main platform: 88 x 47.2cm (34.6 x 11.1 inches); Keyboard tray: 88 x 28.2cm (34.6 x 18.5 inches)
Platform material: Metal
Weight limit: 9kg (20lbs)
Reasons to buy
+Cheap+Fully assembled
Reasons to avoid
-Cheap looking-Clunky in use

Looking for the best standing desk converter at a budget price? Then this is probably it. We say probably, because there are a lot of standing desk converters close to this price point, some featured on this page, and prices do rise and fall. 

But given that this is the Amazon Basics range, we'd expect on any given day that this will be the cheapest around. As a result, you pretty much get what you pay for. The materials feel cheap, the movement is clunky, it looks unattractive, and on the whole, it lacks the sophistication of the other models on this list.

It does the job, however, coming fully assembled and allowing you to support up to 9kg of equipment on your desk. So if you prefer to save some money and choose a purposely basic standing desk converter over a pricier option, this isn't a bad choice. It's been out of stock recently, but may be available again when you read this, so check the link above.

How to choose the best standing desk converter

Which is the best standing desk for home office use? In this article, we've selected models to suit different budgets and to match a variety of different needs, depending on how heavy your devices are.

If you just want to use a laptop, you'll be happy with an adjustable standing desk converter with just one raised desk area. If you want a desktop monitor and keyboard, though, you'll prefer one with two. You'll also need to think about how much space you need for your equipment and how heavy it is.

Alternatively, if you need a new desk anyway, you may just prefer to check out the best standing desks

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