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Fotolia presents: Alexey Samsonov

Once a month, Fotolia makes a PSD file created by one of the world's top digital artists available as a free download. The project, currently in its second year, is called TEN. July's image comes courtesy of Moscow-based image specialist Alexey Samsonov.

We caught up with him to find out more ...

Computer Arts: How did you get involved with TEN?
Alexey Samsonov:
I was departing for Bali Island when Fotolia offered me the chance to participate in TEN. So it became my motivation and inspiration to draw the island where I was travelling to, as I imagined it.

CA: Is travel your main inspiration?
I get a lot of inspiration when I travel, when I talk with new people, learn about their cultures, when I see new places. And, of course, music inspires me, too.

CA: How did you get into design?
I stumbled into design accidentally. I was an admin in a company, but was practicing photography and Photoshop. Later my hobby turned into my work. I succeeded mostly because I worked in creative studios and agencies, and also because I had made many contacts in that circle.

Samsonov's artwork will be available free for 24 hours in PSD format on Wednesday 10 July. Visit: