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OFFF 2013: Laura Meseguer

Freelance graphic and type designer Laura Meseguer has been busy over the last few years. Alongside a packed schedule of commercial and personal projects she also manages Barcelona-based foundry Type--Tones with programmer and designer Jos Manuel Urs, and can often be found speaking, teaching or holding creative workshops. And that's not to mention the books she's written and contributed to. How does she find the time? We found at out at OFFF 2013

Computer Arts: Looking through your portfolio, personal projects seem to be an important part of what you do – how do you fit it all in?
Laura Meseguer:
I work a lot. Since 2005, I’m the only person in my studio. It’s the only way I’ve learnt so far. Fortunately, I don’t work alone. I share a space with other designers and I love doing collaborative projects – I currently manage Type--Tones with Josema Uros. When I’m involved in custom lettering or type projects, I always work closely with designers and art directors. I worked for an exhibition in collaboration with some architects a few years ago, it was a great experience. And I do a bit of writing, but it's another very sporadic activity.

CA: What inspired you to set up Type-O-Tones?
Our love for letters is immeasurable, and once you dare to design your own typefaces, it seems logical to warn your friends and give them the chance to use your fonts. I was very lucky to meet people to share a common vision with. With Josema, Enric [Jardi] and Joan [Manual Uros], we have spent many good times sharing ideas, references, music and food.

Laura Meseguer created Peralta for Amsterdam-based Dutch designer and illustrator Cristina Peralta

Laura Meseguer created Peralta for Amsterdam-based Dutch designer and illustrator Cristina Peralta

CA: What’s been your favourite project from your portfolio to work on so far – and why? LM: That’s a very difficult question for me, because I work in different disciplines and they enrich each other. I always try to challenge myself with things I haven’t done before. I’d say that there are no favourites projects, but probably some of them represent my work better than others. That’s the case of Peralta – a logo for an illustrator and designer; and the typeface Rumba – my Type & Media project. Both gave me a lot of visibility in the field of type design.

I could also mention the exhibition Helvetica, a new typeface?, and the book TypoMag. Also, Typography for Magazines’ for IndexBook, because I created it as a whole and that’s very important for me. I greatly enjoyed my work for the Multi typeface family – it was my first type commission, and for newspapers – and I’m very happy with Magasin, my last typeface.

CA: Are there any new skills you'd like to learn in the future?
I’d love to learn and practice sign painting

CA: What can we expect to see from you in the coming months?
A renovated website, the release of Multi as a retail typeface family and the design of a new typeface based on my learning and teaching of stencil types.

Laura Meseguer, Magasin

Laura Meseguer's Magasin is a wavy script display typeface that you can purchase from Type--Tones

Laura Meseguer's cover for 'I also cook!', written by chef and cooking teacher Eullia Fargas

Laura Meseguer's cover for ‘I also cook!', written by chef and cooking teacher Eullia Fargas

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