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Oh Yeah Studio at OFFF 2013

Computer Arts: We’re big fans of Oh Yeah Studio back at Computer Arts HQ. Can you tell us a little about how the studio evolved since you started out back in 2008?
Hans Christian ren:
Oh Yeah Studio is basically me Hans Christian ren, but I’m often working together with different artists. Oh Yeah Studio started out as a hobby project back in 2008 with different self-initiated exhibitions and has had a natural development since then, to work widely within the design disciplines, ranging from web and motion to illustration, graphic design, art direction, brand identity, art direction and personal projects. When I first started working with design, I did it for myself. It was a completely new way to express myself. Now Oh Yeah Studio works with clients all over the world like Adidas, Burton, Toyota and EMI.

Computer Arts: How would you describe your work/aesthetic?
If I shall be short, Oh Yeah Studio usually combines analogue and digital drawing based on surrealism, dreams and the unconsciousness.

CA: What’s been your favourite studio project to work on so far - and why?
I think it has to be one of the latest works, This Is Now. This Is Now is a self-initiated project where I invited 15 of the world’s leading designers, illustrators and motion artists to a poster art exhibition. All 15 creatives delivered unique works in the form of a poster or a motion piece. Some of the artists were also invited to the OFFF festival this year.

Oh Yeah Studio This Is Now

Oh Yeah Studio, an image from This Is Now

CA: Who are you most looking forward to seeing here at OFFF?
If I didn´t see Dvein and Serial Cut´s presentation in Oslo last week I would probably picked them. But there are so many great artists presenting here that have had a big impact on me. Especially Vasava, Karlssonwilker, Vault 49 and Pat Perry. But I’m pretty convinced that everyone at OFFF will inspire me in some way.

CA: How important are events like OFFF to the industry?
This is really important. Personally I get a lot of inspiration from events like OFFF. It could be inspiration to solve one particular problem or it could be a different way of thinking. For me it’s a great way to evolve. For the industry it’s a great way to discover new people, knowledge and inspiration. People come from different parts of the world for this event so it is great chance to meet and discuss with people with same interests but with different cultural background. I think that is very interesting.

CA: What can we expect from Oh Yeah Studio in the coming months?
We have two projects going on that is pritty exiting. One is for a wine company and another project for a charity organization. In these two projects we will experiment even more and it will be kind of a new expression. Not to different, but in the same time something different:)

CA: Tell us something we don't know…
Something that you don't know…. Hmmmm. I eat chocolate in the morning and love cheese cake. I don't ever get tan, only sunburned. Maybe this is not what you asked for. Maybe it can be this project I have started. This project is a documentary of feelings, emotions and dreams. I will document everything, and in a year or so this will be something I will show, but I won't say how yet because that’s a secret.

Oh Yeah Studio Marius

Oh Yeah Studio designed this piece, Marius, in tribute to OFFF. "A marius sweater is a woollen sweater that many in Norway use to keep warm," explains Hans Christian ren. "So a marius sweater on a girl in trousers is to make the contrast of warm versus cold."

Oh Yeah Studio Fine Grain Records

Oh Yeah Studio, Fine Grain Records

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