What brands can learn from Charli XCX's Brat marketing

The word "brat" written in lowercase, low resolution Arial Narrow font on a lime green background
(Image credit: Asylum, Atlantic Records and Warner UK)

This month, Charli XCX launched her latest album, Brat, and it's safe to say the marketing campaign that came with it has taken the media by storm, and includes valuable lessons we can all learn from. Charli and her team meticulously sifted through 65 shades of green to discover the unique colour that perfectly represents her new punchy and expressive album. This process alone is a testament to the power of strategic colour selection and colour theory.

In an Instagram post (below), Charli shared the journey behind this choice, emphasising how it contributed to the album's visual identity and overall success. This innovative approach to colour selection sparked a viral sensation, setting a new standard for how brands can creatively and effectively engage their audience through a single colour.

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Elle Eveleigh
Senior designer at Taxi Studio.

Elle, is a senior designer at Taxi Studio with over eight years of diverse experience in design. She has contributed to world-renowned brands such as Quaker Oats, The Coca-Cola Company, National Foods, 58&Co, Hive Mind and Forthglade. During her time at B&B Studio, she crafted award-winning work for Dalston’s multipack, earning a Pentaward and FAB award. Showcasing her versatility and creative flair across multiple industries, Elle has also created branding for ‘The Place’ dance shows, various musicians’ brands, and most recently, Coca-Cola’s ‘Flow Fest’.