Brochure design: 11 inspiring examples

Brochure design doesn't have to be boring. If anything, putting a little thought and care in to it can result in a seriously stylish, striking and powerful promotional tool.

Here are 11 awesome examples of brochure design. Which is your favourite?

01. Lake Shore

The Lake Shore brochure design incorporates bespoke typography, branding, illustration, photography and fold out plans

The Lake Shore brochure design incorporates bespoke typography, branding, illustration, photography and fold out plans

The designer behind this brilliant brochure design was clearly thinking outside the box. Literally. Developed by creative director John Owens, this brochure design for Lake Shore, a unique development of eco homes in Bristol, incorporates bespoke typography, branding, illustration, photography and fold out plans. "Using overlays, screenprints and patterns based on the Ben-Day dot printing process along with a vivid palette ensured this project was totally unique to Bristol," Owens comments. 

02. Foliomania

Brochure design: Foliomania

Excellent composition and use of colour in this beautiful brochure by design house Lemongraphic

Foliomania is a portfolio brochure for designers, created by Singapore-based multimedia design house Lemongraphic. Bright and vibrant colours, excellent composition and beautifully presented, this brochure immediately grabs your attention.

03. Coral Palace Luxury Resort

Brochure design: Coral Palace

This brochure for Coral Palace Luxury Resort was designed to be sophisticated yet welcoming

Michigan-based printer Company Folders designed this sophisticated brochure for Coral Palace Luxury Resort. The team ditched the cliché bright colors, palm trees, and seashells found on most resort brochures, instead selecting elegant neutral colors. Floor plan sketches of the extended stay apartments add a welcoming, handcrafted look to make the resort feel like home.

04. Creamfields

Brochure design: Creamfields

RGB studio created this stylish and unique brochure for music fesival Creamfields

This awesome brochure for music festival Creamfields was designed by RGB Studio, owned by graphic designer Rob Brearley. The textured, leather-effect cover that encases the brightly coloured book is held together with a single lanyard. Very stylish.

05. Harter: How we work

Brochure design: Harter

A fresh and clean from branding and design agency Red Antler

Branding and design consultancy Red Antler created this gorgeous 48-page brochure for the launch of a new task chair by design solutions company Harter. The team created a pure and fresh design that incorporates lovely use of colours and patterns.

06. Nick Cave

Brochure design: Nick Cave

Graphic design Allison Wilton created this concept for contemporary textile and performance artist Nick Cave

Graphic designer Allison Wilton came up with the concept for this stylish brochure, which is printed on luxurious, textured paper with designs from contemporary textile and performance artist Nick Cave on the reverse.

07. Ewaan

Brochure design: Ewaan

This unique, elegant design was created by senior art director Omar Reda

Classic and elegant with a unique layout, this gorgeous brochure for global residential company Ewaan was designed by senior art director at Saudi Arabian strategy and marketing communication agency TBWA\RAAD Jeddah Omar Reda.

08. TVNZ - 7

Brochure design: TVNZ

Graphic designer Thomas Pavitte developed the concept for this brochure while working at TVNZ

Melbourne-based graphic designer Thomas Pavitte came up with this clever triangular folding brochure while working at TVNZ to promote the television shows on the TVNZ 7 network. When fully unfolded the brochure forms the shape of the 7 logo. A smart and interesting format.

09. Vespa

Brochure design: Vespa

This gorgeous retro-styled brochure will stir feelings of nostalgia for many

This brilliant, retro-styled brochure for Vespa was created by Norwegian-based graphic designer who goes by the name of Niggez on the deviantART website. Beautifully crafted, we love the nostalgic elements in this design.

10. Contemporary Slovenian writers

Brochure design: Slovenian

Graphic designer Tomato Kosir created this elegant brochure for the Frankfurt book fair

This elegant brochure with beautiful clean lines was created to present information on contemporary Slovenian writers at the Frankfurt book fair. Created by graphic designer Tomato Kosir, one half presents Slovenian humanists and the second social scientists.

11. CHP Brochure

Brochure design: CHP

This stylish brochure has great composition, typography and a beautiful colour combination

This stylish, three colour gate fold brochure for Duke's Center for Health Policy was created by graphic designer Nicole Kraieski. We really like the great composition, typography and beautiful colour choices, one of which is the fluorescent Pantone 805C.

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