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20 Christmas gift ideas for digital artists

11. Toy robot

Every artist's desk needs a few toys on it, and these retro clockwork robots are just the ticket. The original models were a big hit in the 1950s and 60s and these days they change hands for big money amongst collectors; these reproductions are a lot more reasonably priced but still look the part.

12. 48 Prismacolor pencils

No matter how digital your workflow is, sometimes every artist wants to just break out the pencils and do some sketching, and this set of Prismacolor pencils is just the job for such occasions. Featuring 48 soft-leaded pencils in a wide variety of bold, long-lasting colours, it's perfect for those occasions when you want to get away from the screen and create some art by hand.

13. Vintage Star Wars t-shirt

Stand out in the queue for The Force Awakens with this striking long-sleeved t-shirt emblazoned with a retro Star Wars design, created by poster artist Michelangelo Papuzza for the Italian release of Star Wars in 1977. If you look closely you can see that it's all been camped up quite a bit for the Italian market, with both Leia and Luke dressed a lot more skimpily than we can ever remember seeing them in the film.

14. ImagineFX binder

An ImagineFX subscription would be the absolutely perfect gift for any digital artist, but chances are that they already have one. All those issues soon add up, though, so here's the ideal way to keep them neat and tidy: a sturdy binder that'll hold an entire year's worth of ImagineFX in a single volume, making it nice and easy to find that digital painting tutorial you were looking for without sifting through an unsightly pile of dog-eared magazines.

15. Mini volcano desk lamp

A lava lamp with a difference, this sweet little desktop toy uses a constant torrent of red hot lava beads to recreate a volcanic eruption without all the unpleasant side effects such as rivers of magma, clouds of poisonous sulphur and cancelled flights. Don't forget the batteries – you'll need 3 AAs to get this bad boy going.

16. Exploding TARDIS backpack

If you're after the optimal gift for someone who loves Doctor Who and Van Gogh then look no further. This backpack is inspired by the 2010 episode The Pandorica Opens and features an exploding TARDIS painted in Vincent Van Gogh's iconic style. It all makes perfect sense if you've seen the episode, honest.

17. Bizili portable art chest

The ultimate portable creative gift that won't break the bank, this 150-piece chest of artistic joy includes oil, watercolour and acrylic paints, as well as assorted pastels, pencils, brushes and tools. You also get two canvas boards plus a watercolour pad and a sketching pad, and the chest itself doubles up as an easel so that you can quickly set up and work absolutely anywhere.

18. Avengers patched pocket t-shirt

Here's a superhero-based t-shirt that's pleasantly understated; this handmade tee features a patched pocket and rolled sleeves made from Marvel Avengers fabric, with the rest of it in plain black or white. It's available in adult and kids' sizes.

19. Vinyl coasters

No artist's workspace is complete without a steaming mug of tea, but the last thing you want is a desk covered in ugly ring marks, and these excellent coasters are a great way to keep things clean while celebrating the joys of vinyl. Each one is handmade out of an old vinyl LP from between 1958 and 1992, and features classic label design and some sweet tracklists. You can either opt for a lucky dip selection, or you can pay extra to specify artists, labels, genres and colour.

20. Zombie battle experience

Rather than spend money on toys and trinkets, why not splash out on an unforgettable experience instead? And they don't come much more unforgettable than the Zombie Battle Abandonded Shopping Mall experience, in which you tool up with airsoft weapons to battle the undead in an epic fight for survival that requires nerves of steel, physical fitness, quick thinking, and – most importantly of all – teamwork.

Bonus! ImagineFX Gift Subscription

What better way to stay in the know about digital art than with a regular fix from ImagineFX magazine. A print and digital gift subscription gives you 13 print editions delivered to your door, as well as the option to devour the latest digital art content via your smartphone or tablet.

Words: Jim McCauley

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