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What NOT to get a graphic designer for Christmas

Finding the right Christmas gift for a graphic designer can be a minefield. You can find some really helpful suggestion in our festive gift guides such as the best Christmas gifts for graphic designers and the best Christmas gifts for design students, but even then the most thoughtful gift can fail to hit the right spot.

Rather than focus on what you should buy, it might be better to understand what you absolutely shouldn't buy, and work backwards from there. To ensure that you're on the right track (and with tongues firmly in cheeks), we've created this handy infographic guide. Carry this list with you when you head out to the Christmas market or do your last-minute dash around the supermarket's seasonal aisle.

And if you're a graphic designer, make sure you share this far and wide on your social media channels to avoid disappointment on the 25th.

Click on the image to see the full-size infographic

The good news is, we have the solutions to some of these problems here. These best pencils for designers and artists would all make thoughtful gifts, rather than budget art materials from the supermarket. 

And although there are plenty of books with 'design' in the title that run the risk of offending experienced designers with their beginner-level content, there are also these 30 books every graphic designer should read.

You know that one of the nine most annoying things that all designers do is spending ages critiquing the design of a restaurant menu while you sit patiently, tummy rumbling, waiting to order. So to make everyone's lives easier, avoid taking them out for a 'nice meal' and get them something tasty to eat at home instead. As long as it has nice packaging. These 45 awesome packaging designs should provide inspiration.

Illustrations: Simon Middleweek

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