Cricut Christmas ideas: video tutorials for original gifts and decorations

Cricut Christmas ideas; a photo of a Cricut Maker 3 in front of a Christmas scene
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The best Cricut Christmas ideas enable you to create decorative ornaments, gifts and more to give your holidays a unique, crafted feel. Why buy expensive cards, decorations and presents when you can make personal presents for friends and family, and give your home a one-of-a-kind look.

Many of the crafted items in the videos below can be sold as well, and we have a guide that explains how to make money with Cricut. If you don't already have a Cricut, read our buying guide to the best Cricut machines on sale now. These tutorials can also be used with the best Silhouette machines, which are similar craft cutters.

Below I've gathered together some of my favourite videos from Cricut crafters who share how to design and make unique Cricut projects. If you want to read tutorials, Ryman has some excellent Cricut Christmas ideas on its blog. But if you want some good video tutorials for inspired Cricut Christmas ideas, scroll down to watch some of my favourite Cricut Christmas ideas.

01. Cricut Christmas ideas: DIY holiday gifts

Liz Fenwick DIY shares a series of Cricut project tutorials that show how to make
irreplaceable Christmas gifts that will be unique to you and can't be found in stores. These Cricut Christmas ideas include, personalised coasters and bespoke cookie jars filled with ingredients and recipes.

02. Cricut Christas ideas: glitter baubles

The DIY Craft Tutorials YouTube channel offers an excellent step-by-step guide to making store-quality Christmas baubles using a Cricut Joy, craft vinyl and glitter. Each bauble features a message and monogram unique to you. The maker also offers free files for the Ornament Box template and Christmas SVG Bundles to download. While this maker uses a Cricut Joy, you can also use a Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore.

03. Cricut Christmas ideas: Christmas sweatshirt

The excellent InsideOutlined offers 20 Cricut Christmas ideas to make on your Maker, Explore, EasyPress and Mug Press on her channel. These are all fantastic Cricut projects worth creating, including floating ornaments, mini Christmas stockings and even a holiday themed tote bag. Here I've opted for her tutorial on making a 'Christmas Vibes Sweatshirt' and she takes you through the Cricut Design process and how to use your EasyPress.

04. Cricut Christmas ideas: wood engraved gifts

Maker Mr. Crafty Pants has a unique tutorial for engraving his Cricut Christmas ideas by burning holiday messages into wood. That's right, you can get laser engraving effects using a Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore Air 2 or Cricut Maker. This crafter's tutorial uses ammonium chloride to chemically burn images and words into wood, so be careful.

05. Cricut Christmas ideas: tree ornaments

Lauren at Makers Gonna Learn takes you through the process of making three superb Christmas decorations, including a snow globe, wood round Ornament and Dollar Tree Jenga Blocks. This includes the design process in Cricut Design Space through piecing your designs together. Makers Gonna Learn offers the SVG files, fonts and guides too, visit for more.

06. Cricut Christmas ideas: upselling bargain gifts

Kayla's Cricut Creations shares her Cricut projects for upselling your bargain Christmas gifts by using craft cutters to give discounted items a unique look. This includes personalising $5 slippers and turning a basic gumball machine into a special gift for the holidays. This is a great cost-saving video; these Cricut Christmas ideas will save you money this season.

07. Cricut Christmas ideas: beginner tutorials

YouTuber Whiskey & Whit offers some excellent Cricut projects for beginners using both Cricut Joy and Cricut Explore. She offers 10 different Cricut Christmas ideas, including tree decorations, holiday-themed window displays and special crafted gifts you can't buy in stores. This YouTuber works with Cricut for her tutorials, so you know these are good and easy ones to follow.

08. Cricut Christmas ideas: 3D Christmas Card 

Sassi's Scrapbooking channel on YouTube is a fantastic place to learn how to create creative Christmas cards and special Cricut projects to make your holidays a little bit different. In this tutorial you can learn how to make a detailed Christmas wreath 3D card, using either a Cricut Maker or Explore.

09. Cricut Christmas ideas: gift card holders

Crafter Miss. Carrie's Creations offers a number of excellent Cricut project tutorials on her YouTube channel, including an excellent five minute basics series. Here she shows how to make novel, decorative gift card holders. If you're planning on buying friends and family gift cards this season, then use your Cricut to add a little personality to your gift.

10. Cricut Christmas ideas: signs and decor

We're back with Whiskey & Whit, this time for a series of large Cricut projects that can give your home a splash of holiday joy. While these are large Cricut Christmas ideas, including making a special Christmas wreath for your front door, a Santa crate for your small presents and personalised Christmas cushions, they are still good for beginners. Watch the video and download SVG files from the creator's blog.

Cricut Christmas ideas: free files

Many of these crafters above offer the associated SVG files to download too, so be sure to bookmark their pages and subscribe to their channels. Of course, there are sites that offer free SVG files, including new Christmas fonts and artwork; read our guide to the best free SVG files for Cricut.

For all the guides below you'll need materials, blades and accessories, so take a look at our buying guides to the best Cricut materials, the best Cricut accessories, and the best Cricut blades for the latest deals.

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