The best free SVG files for Cricut in 2023

Best free SVG files for Cricut
(Image credit: Cricut)

With the best free SVG files for Cricut you can create some amazing craft projects and there are lots of sites that offer free SVG project files to download. You'll need to download and use the Cricut Design Space software to use these project files. Though Cricut does support lots of different file formats, including PNG, JPG and GIF, meaning you can use the best software for Cricut, most Cricut users opt for the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. An SVG file is a vector format that allows you to scale up 2D designs without having to lose quality.

To get your projects off the ground, check out our collection of the best Cricut machines that enable users to create designs on dozens of different fabrics and pair up your machine with the best Cricut accessories to make the cutting process even easier and make your designs even better. 

If you’re on the lookout for the best SVG files on the market and are not sure where to source them for free, fear not. We’ve pulled together a selection of the best SVG file sites out there, that you can use for free to create amazing designs.

The best free SVG files for Cricut available now

Free SVG files from Simply Crafty SVGs

Simply Crafty SVGs has a great selection of boxes and 3D cards for crafting projects (Image credit: Free SVG files from Simply Crafty SVGs )

01. Simply Crafty SVGs

The best SVG files for creating 3D cards and boxes


Use: Personal and commercial
Type: 3D cards, boxes, bags, card holders

Reasons to buy

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Simply Crafty SVGs has a large number of free SVG files for all types of occasions. The designs range in style and difficulty, so they're perfect for beginners and professionals alike. 

The site mainly offers SVG files that are designed for card making in both flat and 3D styles, as well as a number of stylish card holders. There's also a selection of boxes to choose from, perfect for general gifts and more seasonal projects such as Halloween or Christmas.

The free SVG files are located under the "freebies" category section, but a host of affordable paid options are also available on the site. Although the free-to-use section is a little more limited than other sites on this list, Simply Crafty SVGs has a wonderfully curated selection of designs that are perfect for getting you started. 

Download free SVG files for Cricut at Simply Crafty SVGs

The best free SVG files for Cricut include logo designs from LoveSVG

LoveSVG has a wide and free selection of SVG project files (Image credit: LoveSVG)

02. LoveSVG

The best SVG files for creating cards and signs


Use: Personal and commercial
Type: Signs, cards, shirt logos

When it comes to free SVG files for Cricut, LoveSVG is a favourite amongst crafters. With over 11,000 designs, there are plenty of free designs on this SVG site. If you like the site, you're also able to sign up for a membership to access more premium designs. 

There are so many categories to choose from, from Food and Kitchen down to Holidays and Celebrations, you can find almost everything you need on this site, and seasonal favourites such as Easter and Mother’s Day, will appear on the home page for easy access, depending on the time of year.

With some great card designs these are a perfect fit for Cricut's smallest cutting machine, read our Cricut Joy review to discover why this portable gadget is a card-maker's dream machine. 

Download free SVG files for Cricut at LoveSVG

An image from Dreaming Tee's site, for the best pro SVG files for Cricut

Dreaming Tree has excellent quality free SVG files for Cricut (Image credit: Dreaming Tree)

03. Dreaming Tree

The best SVG files for craft decorations


Use: Personal
Type: Decorations, ornaments, gifts, cards

Dreaming Tree doesn't have as many free SVG files available as some of the larger sites, but the designs that are available are of such great quality that it’s one worth bookmarking. When it comes to professional level free SVG files for Cricut this site ticks all the boxes.

You can purchase additional files under Dreaming Tree's premium project, if you really like the designs. Creators are guided through every step of the process with a video tutorial, alongside information on every piece of equipment you'll need, and what machines are compatible.

Download free SVG files for Cricut at Dreaming Tree 

Free SVG files for Cricut by Free SVG Designs

Create amazing seasonal decorations with these free SVG files (Image credit: Free SVG Designs)

04. Free SVG Designs

The best SVG files for celebrations


Use: Personal
Type: Seasonal decorations, quotes, fonts

Free SVG Designs offers simple, colourful designs on an easy to use website. There are plenty of different categories to scour, and over 2,000 free designs to download.  As well as some nice illustrations ideal for cards and decorations, the site also contains well known quotes and handy fonts, ready to download and use with your Cricut. 

There are also dozens of lovely seasonal designs that make Free SVG Designs a great site option to use for those celebrating a holiday. Cricut really comes into its own when the big holidays come around, so we'd advise you to see what's here the next time you have to make some decorations. As a rule, note Free SVG Designs SVG files are for personal use only.

Download free SVG files for Cricut at Free SVG Designs 

Halloween images of the best free SVG files for Cricut

There are thousands of stylised free SVG files on HelloSVG (Image credit: HelloSVG)

05. HelloSVG

The best SVG files for seasonal designs


Use: Personal and commercial
Type: Cards, seasonal designs

HelloSVG offers over 1,500 free SVG files to download, so creators are spoiled for choice. These mostly consist of simple yet stylised silhouette images but the sites seasonal illustrations for cards, such as its selection of Halloween designs, are excellent.

You just need to make an account in order to access the free designs, and you're good to go. You can narrow down their search by selecting one of over 40 categories, and find designs they like by clicking on associated tags. It worth heading to this site with an idea of what you want, to avoid spending hours searching.

Download free SVG files for Cricut at HelloSVG

A photo of a bag made from one of the best free SVG file for Cricut

The Bird's SVGs site is great for 3D card models and gifts (Image credit: Bird's SVG)

06. Bird’s SVGs

The best SVG files for boxes and 3D craft gifts


Use: Personal and commercial
Type: Boxes, 3D cards, bags, tags

If you're in the market for some designs to create themed projects, then Bird's SVGs is a great option. There are lots of categories that make this a great site choice for creating all you can possibly create on a Cricut for a themed birthday party, Christmas, Halloween and so much more. 

But as the name suggests, Bird's SVGs are great for illustrations and projects based around birds. This can include flora and fauna, as well as decorative borders for other projects. The categories that you’re able to break each design down into make it really easy to select the perfect option for what you’re searching for – the best are 3D cards, boxes and craft gifts.

It's worth noting the site's restrictions of use and not falling into any problems, as while you can create personal and commercial projects and sell the finished item using their free SVG files, you can't share the project plans or the digital designs.

Download free SVG files for Cricut at Bird’s SVGs

Love Paper Crafts has some of the best free SVG files for Cricut

Love Papercrafts has a limited number of free SVG files, but they are all projects you'll want to make (Image credit: Love Paper Crafts)

07. Love Paper Crafts

The best SVG files for scrapbooking


Use: Personal
Type: Scrapbooking, gifts, season decorations

Love Paper Crafts believe that everybody should be able to create beautiful projects, and do it for cheap. If the name didn't give it away, Love Paper Crafts is the perfect location to get your hands on free SVG files for paper crafting, mainly scrapbooking and card making. 

The freebie category has plenty of options for sweet SVG designs, though far fewer than some sites on this list. This blog site is mainly themed around seasonal options, and organisational projects – scrapbooking is big. While it may not have as many freebies as some sites they are all curated and thoughtfully designed.

Download free SVG files for Cricut at Love Paper Crafts

Images of stickers are some of the best free SVG files for Cricut

Craftables has a good library of sticker designs (Image credit: Craftables)

08. Craftables

The best SVG files for vinyl stickers and heat press designs


Use: Personal and commercial
Type: Stickers, heat press transfer designs

Craftables is for crafters galore. Specialising in vinyl designs, this site offers nearly a thousand free SVG files, which are split up into nearly 20 categories in order to make them easy to find. 

Most of the SVG files you’ll find would look great as wall art, or as a vinyl sticker to stick to a window, mirror or glass. They can also be used as heat press transfer designs (take a look at our guide to the best heat press machines) and with themes from Halloween to outer space there really is something  for everyone. 

Handily, Craftables sells the materials you'll need for many if it's projects too, so you can download a free SVG file and order your vinyl in one, maybe two, clicks. This is a great all-in-one site for crafting.

Download free SVG files for Cricut at Craftables

The best free SVG files for Cricut from Creative Fabrica

Slogans and quotes are great from Creative Fabrica's roster (Image credit: Creative Fabrica)

09. Creative Fabrica

The best SVG files for slogans and quote stickers


Use: Personal and commercial
Type: Slogans, quotes, fonts

There are a few hundred free designs from Creative Fabrica that are able to be split up into several categories, so that creatives are able to narrow down their search. There are lots of premium paid options on this site too, but it’s easy to narrow it down to the free options only. 

There are quite often opportunities to download the premium files for free, so keep your eyes peeled and sign up to alerts. The best free SVG files for Cricut on this site tend to be the clean slogan and logo designs, though there are some fonts to search for. The site really wants you to subscribe, and even offers a 24 hour window to download content for free.

Download free SVG files for Cricut at Creative Fabrica

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