The best Glowforge Plus price in February 2024

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The Glowforge Plus is one of the most premium personal printing machines available, so it's good to know what the range of Glowforge Plus prices are from the outset. For context, there are three machines in the Glowforce range, and the Glowforge Plus is the middle child. So, what's a good Glowforge Plus price, and is it worth it? 

At time of writing, the best price you can get the Glowforge Plus is directly from the Glowforge website for $4,995, and though it claims that that is a discounted price, down from $9,000, we believe that it's actually the current retail price of the Glowforge Plus. Looking at Amazon, the price is stated as $5,345, and doing some research, we see that the Glowforge Plus was in fact $5,995 back in December 2021, so the $4,995 price seems more likely the retail price today. The lowest price we've ever seen the Glowforge Plus was $3,995 back in 2018, but that did not last long. 

At time of writing, the Glowforge Plus is incredibly hard to find on sale in the UK, but you can currently get it for £3,995 over at Hobby Craft (while stocks last). 

Head over to our page on the best Glowforge machines out there (there are three, so it won't take you long to read). And if the Glowforge range is all a bit steep for your budget, have a look at our breakdown of the best Cricut maker 3 bundle deals.

The cheapest Glowforge Plus prices

A family sits in front of a Glowforge Plus, with various objects surrounding them that have been engraved and cut using the Glowforge Plus machine.

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Glowforge Plus

The best features for money of the range.

Purpose: Cutting, engraving, crafting | Best for: Professionals | Size: 96.5 x 52.7 x 21cm | Precision: 1/1000th of an inch, autofocus | Cutting area: 28 x 49.5cm

Truly versatile crafting machine
Beautiful clean design
Quality components
Not for small hobby projects
Smaller material size than Pro

The Glowforge Plus sits between the Glowforge Basic and the Glowforge Pro, and is ideal for the serious crafter (with a few bucks in their pocket to burn). This is built from more quality grade components to the Basic, and also boasts being two-times faster. It also comes with a longer, 12 month warranty.

Your material lengths will be limited to 18 inches (which really is plenty!), but unlike the Pro, you won't require training to use the Glowforge Plus, and it'll tackle pretty much any cutting and engraving project you throw at it. 

As described above, Glowforge claim that the retail price is around $9,000, but we think that's a bit of a stretching of the truth. Sure, it may have been that much a few years back, but as of 2022, you shouldn't be paying anymore than $5,000 for the Glowforge Plus. 

Is the Glowforge worth it?

To answer this question, you need to ask yourself two more questions: do you need this Class 1 laser cutter? And can you afford it? If you answer is yes to both, then the answer will be yes to this one. However, at $4,995 it clearly is only aimed at the serious to pro crafter, and hobbyists would do better to look elsewhere for their next crating machine (check out Cricut or Silhouette). 

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