The lowest Glowforge Pro price

Two crafters work with the Glowforge Pro.
(Image credit: Glowforge)

We've got news for you – even the lowest Glowforge Pro price is still well outside most people's budget. That's because the Glowforge Pro is an extremely high-end laser cutting machine, and the Glowforge Pro price reflects the quality of product you're getting. In short, it's the ultimate cutting machine from a luxury brand... It's crafting, but not as you know it! 

So what does the Glowforge Pro cost? Well, Glowforge actually states the retail price of the Pro as being $16,000 – something that we're a little confused by, as we've never seen it sell for that price, anywhere, at any time. Regardless, currently the best Glowforge Pro price that we can find is still pretty steep, but quite a lost less that that infated price – you can get it for $6,995 over at Glowforge

Beren Neale
Ecom Editor

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