The lowest Glowforge Pro price in June 2023

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We've got news for you – even the lowest Glowforge Pro price is still well outside most people's budget. That's because the Glowforge Pro is an extremely high-end laser cutting machine, and the Glowforge Pro price reflects the quality of product you're getting. In short, it's the ultimate cutting machine from a luxury brand... It's crafting, but not as you know it! 

So what does the Glowforge Pro cost? Well, Glowforge actually states the retail price of the Pro as being $16,000 – something that we're a little confused by, as we've never seen it sell for that price, anywhere, at any time. Regardless, currently the best Glowforge Pro price that we can find is still pretty steep, but quite a lost less that that infated price – you can get it for $6,995 over at Glowforge

At time of writing, the Glowforge Pro is hard to find on sale in the UK, but you can currently get it for £5,995 over at Hobby Craft (while stocks last – there are currently seven left). 

Head over to our page on the best Glowforge machines out there (there are three, so it won't take you long to read). And read our in-depth Glowforge Pro review to see why this is the best laser cutter on the market right now.

The lowest Glowforge Pro price

A press photo of the Glowforge Pro with its lid open.

(Image credit: Glowforge)

Glowforge Pro

The best Glowforge machine available.

Machine dimensions: 38 x 20.75 x 8.25 inches | Material size: 19.5-inches wide - unlimited depth | Material height: 2 inches | Cutting area: 11 x 19.5 inches | Laser: 45 watt Class 4 laser | Warranty: 12 months | Precision: 1/1000th of an inch | Cameras: Dual: wide angle & macro

Incredibly powerful and versatile
Beautifully designed
Class 4 laser
It's exclusively priced

The Glowforge Pro is the absolute best laser printer that Glowforge make, and is really only aimed at professionals, whether that's a boutique studios and pro. The Pro features upgraded materials over the Glowforge Basic and Plus. It will handle larger, more demanding designs, and boasts an upgraded cooling system that will allow it to run all day.

While the Glowforge Pro is the same size as the Plus and Basic, 38 x 20.75 x 8.25 inches, it can handle larger projects because of its bespoke Pro Passthrough slot – essentially a slim opening that enables you to feed lengths of materials through the machine.

This model is also features a more powerful laser (a Class 4, 45 watt laser) and an improved motor, which makes it faster than the other two Glowforge models; it's said to be three times faster than the Glowforge Basic and two times faster than the Glowforge Plus, with cutting speeds that are 120 percent faster.

Is the Glowforge worth it?

We can only imagine that the answer is 'yes' for a very select amount of readers. The truth is that the Glowforge Pro cost is incredibly expensive – $6,995 if you buy it from the links above. And if you're a hobbyist with deep pockets, or if you've got a crafting business that's doing well, we can imagine that the Glowforge Pro price would be well worth it. For the rest of us, there's Cricut (see the below links). 

Glowforge Pro vs Plus. Which is best?

The Glowforge Pro is markedly better, as far as the quality of components, quality of laser, and all-round functions go. But you've also got to factor in the price. The Plus is around $4,995 and the Pro is two grand more expensive, at $6,995. Basically, we expect that prospective buyers will be professional crafters, and so the answer to this question will be, 'can I make a return on the investment of either the Plus or Pro?' 

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