The best Cricut materials in 2023

Best Cricut materials; a digital craft cutting machine trims a material
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Searching for the best Cricut materials can be fun, but it can also sap your time when you'd rather be crafting. In this guide we'll pick top materials for Cricut that we think you'll love. These are the basic types of Cricut materials to help you craft cards, 3D models, stickers, and heat transfer designs.

A cricut machine, although there are many kinds, is an electronic cutting machine that can cut out designs from various materials - vinyl, papers, card, transfers, and some machines can even cut more hardy materials such as leather. A Cricut machine allows you to design and cut in a more time efficient and precise way than any scissors ever could. We have a guide to the best Cricut machines we'd suggest reading.

There are plenty of Cricut machine options to choose from, read our Cricut Maker 3 review, the Cricut Joy review, and our Cricut Mug Press for an idea of what each does. If you're creating shirt and bag designs you'll need one of the best heat press machines, such as an EasyPress 2. Each and every Cricut machine does something a little unique, and designs cater to different budgets.

Using the best Cricut accessories for your Cricut can significantly help how well your designs come out, and how show-stopping you're able to make them. There are a huge range of Cricut materials on the market, from delicate floral papers to neon vinyls. 

Cricut of course produces its own materials, but there are others out there that are compatible with the machines. Keep reading for our selection of the best Cricut materials, with details on which work best with the different machines out there. 

Best Cricut materials: available now

Best Cricut materials: frequent questions

What is Infusible Ink?

Infusible Ink is a system of Cricut DIY products that unlike other Cricut materials that are applied with adhesive, becomes one with the material itself for a more professional finish.

Can I use any mug with a Mug Press?

Cricut's own mugs are definitely the best option when it comes to the Mug Press. Although other mugs may fit, materials such as Infusible Ink and vinyls don't tend to stick as well.

What do beginners need with a Cricut?

The basics for a beginner are a weeding tool, a scraping tool, tweezers, scissors and some vinyl.

What tool cuts vinyl on a Cricut?

A lot of the time the blade used will be the fine point blade, which was designed to make intricate cuts on a variety of materials from cardstock to vinyl.

What materials does a Cricut Explore Air cut?

You can cut felt, leather, cardboard, wood, bonded fabric, some metals and even some acrylics.

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