Stunning infographics show which artist is most loved in your country

Who is your favourite artist? Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, Banksy... the possibilities span countries and eras. But have you ever wondered if your passions lie with the same artist as other art fans in your country? Now's your time to find out, as an art house has created a stunning representation of the most Googled artist in each country around the world.

We love an infographic at Creative Bloq (as our list of the best infographics around proves), and this set of art-based data visualisations are some of the most beautiful we've seen. 

Artist data

Leonardo da Vinci comes out on top (Image credit: Ken Bromley Art Supplies)

The project was created by Ken Bromley Art Supplies (opens in new tab), in response to the restrictions the pandemic has put on art lovers accessing their beloved art in real life. Those wanting a taste of their favourite art are mostly confined to searching for it online, meaning the search data has more meaning than ever before. 

Ken Bromley Art Supplies took to Google to find out which artists are the most searched for in each country, and superimposed artwork over the world map to present the findings. You can see the whole world map in one glance (as above), or check out the individual countries as well (check out Europe below).

Artist data

Banksy is well-loved in Europe (Image credit: Ken Bromley art supplies)

Leonardo Da Vinci came out on top globally, with other countries favouring artists ranging from Picasso to William Blake. Not only is this a gorgeous example of an infographic, but we'd have it on our wall as a piece of art, too. 

Check out the whole project here (opens in new tab) and remember, if you want to see some art online, you can check out this roundup of online art galleries, for some stay-at-home inspiration. And to create your own infographic, here are the infographic makers you need to make it happen.

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