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10 must-know creative trends for 2021

Creative trends are crucial for informing art and design and with 2021 now firmly underway, it's the perfect time to consider the trends for the upcoming year. Luckily, Shutterstock has unveiled all the information we need to know about the creative trends to watch out for this year – and they're accompanied by some stunning imagery (watch the video above for a glimpse of what's on offer). 

Based on the millions of real global searches of video, music and images of the Shutterstock database, Shutterstock's 10th Annual Creative Trends of 2021 are summarised in this super-handy infographic (below) and include tie dye, eccentric animation, inkscapes and surreal faces. Intrigued? Keep reading, and for more helpful data visualisations see our list of the best infographics around.

Click to see the full infographic (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Shutterstock's predicted trends encompass graphic design, music, footage and photography – and they even deliver predictions for popular search terms, too. These include (among others) biodiversity, information overload, mind and body, displaying exactly the type of thing on people's minds at the moment. You can explore the project in gorgeous detail over on Shutterstock's dedicated webpage.

If you want to dive deeper into more specific trends, you need this infographic, which rounds up the typography trends of 2021. Not quite right? Try this one detailing the graphic design trends predicted for 2021

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