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8 must-know typography trends for 2021

Typography plays a pivotal role in conveying the style, message and purpose of a brand or design. It can be used evoke an era, and is used to reflect the feeling of a certain time and place in history. This is why typography trends are so crucial to the work of a designer, and paying attention to them can help to connect with an audience in the perfect way at a specific time. 

The Word Counter has designed a brilliant infographic (below), which explains its predictions for the key typography trends of 2021 – and it's well worth a look. For more, see our list of the best infographics

Typography trends 2021

Click to see the whole infographic (Image credit: The Word Counter)

Trends range from the reassuring solidity of brutalism (a comfort much needed at the moment), to svelte serif fonts that breathe a sense of new life into typography (after the overuse of sans-serif fonts in recent times), and the use of text overlaid on images (because we all need a bit more visual connection right now). See the infographic below, just click to expand the image.

Every typographic style listed here serves to add something to the visual life of the consumer, and we're especially looking forward to the injection of fun from the '70s psychedelic vibe. You can see the original article at The Word Counter here

If all this has whet your appetite for more trends, see the graphic design trends predicted for 2021.

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Georgia Coggan is a regular freelance contributor for Creative Bloq, who has also worked on T3 and Top Ten Reviews. With a particular interest in branding and retro design, Georgia writes about everything from logo design to creative technology, enjoys hunting down genuinely good deals and has even used her knowledge as an ex-teacher to create buying guides on products including children's books and bookcases. Tying these design interests together is an obsession with London Underground posters from the last century.