The far-reaching impact of AI’s creativity, for creatives

Image of a circuit board with text that reads AI
(Image credit: Jonathan Kitchen via Getty Images)

From the iron forge and the printing press to the smartphone, human history has always been shaped by leaps in technology. Breakthrough innovations often amaze us, but only occasionally does a technology come along that is so astonishing that even its inventors are taken aback. Generative AI – which has exploded onto the global scene in the last year – is a rare example.

Even disruptive technologies usually take many years, or even decades, to go from early prototype to global deployment. But generative AI has unlocked unimaginable breakthroughs, unimaginably quickly. In just a few months, things we assumed might always be impossible turned out to be possible, and globally deployable, right now.

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Duncan Clark
Europe Lead at Canva

Duncan Clark is Europe Lead at Canva. He joined Canva as the cofounder of Flourish, the data storytelling platform that became part of the Canva family in 2022. He now oversees data visualisation in the Canva and Flourish products from our campus in London.