How to cope with a freelance apocalypse

How to cope with a freelance apocalypse

Freelancing can offer a great sense of freedom. The ability to be your own boss, decide who you work for and what you produce can be incredible…except when it's not. "Everything becomes more vivid, more extreme when your successes and failures are solely down to you and you alone," says freelance graphic designer Francesca Tortora. "The highs are utterly fantastic and the lows utterly horrible…" 

This well-documented 'rollercoaster' nature of self-employment presents a multitude of challenges, as freelance illustrator Barbara Dziadosz reveals: "There are times where you don't have enough jobs to cover your basic expenses, while there are other occasions when you don't have enough time to do all the commissions. It's a real balancing act between time and money, which is sometimes hard to handle."

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Sarah Gane is a writer, editor and commercial content producer.