The art of going freelance

Illustration of a freelancer multitasking

The number of freelancers, or ‘independent workers’, is growing rapidly as more and more people leave their full-time jobs to set up their own businesses. In the UK alone, there are approximately five million freelancers, with web design and interior design both rated as some of the most desirable freelance careers.

But there's more to going freelance than knowing how to network or having an amazing portfolio. In this article, I'll offer some top advice on how to go freelance, including what to prepare before you go freelance, how to find clients, and the secret to a happy life as a freelancer. For more advice, take a look at my book, Mastering Freelance.

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Anton is a designer and small-business owner living happily in Sweden with his wife and dog. He’s authored User Experiences that Matter and Mastering Freelance, both self-published.