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72 brand-new emojis revealed

New emojis

The new emojis are set to launch later this month

Thanks to The Unicode Consortium, the body that maintains the universal software standards for letters and other icon sets, 72 new emojis have been approved and are set to be released later in June.

This new series joins the current set of 1,601 emojis, and includes icons that users have been demanding for a long time.

New emojis

This set fits in well with previous designs

Depending on your point of view, some of these emojis will either be a fundamental communication tool or the epitome of millenial banality, as users can now send an emoji of a selfie, a face palm and an avocado.

New emojis

The designs include much-anticipated emojis

Other additions include a disco dancing man to accompany the already popular salsa dancing lady, and a series of hand gestures such as a fingers crossed icon and a fist-bump symbol which surprisingly haven't been released before.

New emojis

The avocado finally makes its emoji debut

Depicted in the same bright and soft colours as other emojis, this roster looks set to fit in perfectly with existing designs. Sports-themed emojis are also expected to be released ahead of the Rio Olympics.

Users can expect this new emoji set to launch alongside the introduction of iOS 10 and Android N.

Images from Emojipedia.

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