How to create surreal art in Procreate

Create surreal art in Procreate; Procreate painting of surreal sci-fi character by Rafael Sarmento
(Image credit: Rafael Sarmento)

When I was invited to do this Procreate tutorial, to explore how to create surreal art in Procreate, I immediately knew it wouldn’t be an easy task. Revisiting the work of a surrealist artist was both a daunting and exciting quest! I was asked to choose the artist, and Zdzisław Beksinski was the obvious choice for me. His atmospheric, often sinister baroque paintings are like windows on landscapes of relentless characters, striving to survive within forgotten worlds. 

Read our Procreate review for a quick grasp of what Procrete can do, and keep in mind it's an Apple exclusive, so you'll need one of the best iPads for drawing. My chosen painting is AE85, a spectacular and emotional piece that has an enigmatic character at its core, whose body is involved in (perhaps) the very fabric of time. 

headshot photograph of Creative Bloq contributor Rafael Sarmento
Rafael Sarmento

Rafa is an internationally published illustrator, with clients including Universal Pictures, Wizards of the Coast and Riot Games. With work that inhabits the space between the baroque and the urban, fantasy and sci-fi, he creates storytelling-driven paintings for clients from all over the world.

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Rafael Sarmento

Rafa is an illustrator, character designer and cover artist for the entertainment industry. Also, he’s a pizza addict.