Get creative with portraits and Face-Aware Liquify

We’ve all had a play with the liquify tool in Photoshop, but in the latest iteration of Photoshop CC, Adobe has introduced some powerful face recognition tools to add to the fun. With the Face-Aware Liquify tool, Photoshop will automatically detect areas of the face including the eyes, mouth, nose and overall face shape, enabling you to adjust and tweak them to your hearts content. 

These tools can be used subtly to enhance and heighten already animated areas of the face or, as in the example above, to more comic effect creating a caricature look and feel to the portrait. So whether you’re tweaking a professional shot or simply having fun with a family portrait, the new Face-Aware Liquify tool is a powerful new addition to your arsenal. 

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Luke is a creative director, visual designer and digital artist, who works at THG Studios in Manchester as creative director of beauty. He previously worked for Future Publishing, where he was art editor of leading magazines such as Guitarist, T3 and Computer Arts.