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LIVE: These are the top Apple Watch Black Friday deals right now

I've been searching for offers on Apple Watches all week and these are my top picks on the Series 9, Ultra and SE.

We've been covering all things Apple this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and some of the best deals we've seen are on the Apple Watch. That's why we're dedicating this new live page to all the great Apple Watch deals that come up – whether that's on the brand new Apple Watch Ultra 2, or the affordable Apple Watch SE 2. 

Personally, I really like the Apple Watch. I've had the Apple Watch 9 for a while now, and think it's one of the best bits of tech that Apple create. But they famously retain their price tag, and with decent competition out there, you'll need a good reason to go all in on one... that's where we come in. We've been covering Black Friday and Cyber Monday for several years now, and so know a great deal when we see it. And that's for all the generations of Apple Watch. 

So read on for our top picks right now, and also check out our live feed on any relevant news around the Apple Watch further below. 

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Editor's picks: the best Apple Watch Black Friday deals in depth

Best Apple Watch Black Friday US deals

Apple Watch SE 2:$249Save $60: Price check:

Apple Watch SE 2: $249 $179 at Amazon
Save $60: I'm currently wearing this watch, and though it doesn't have all the features of the Series 9 or Ultra 2, I honestly think it does everything I need it to. Fitness tracking, messages, calls – I'm not Bear Grylls so I don't need anything more. And this is an unprecedented price.

Price check: Best Buy $189 

Apple Watch Series 9$399Save $70:

Apple Watch Series 9: $399 $329 at Amazon
Save $70: The newest Apple Watch was only released in September. We thought $60 would be the best saving we'd see this Black Friday, but Amazon has just dropped the price a little further. The new Watch features a new improved screen and a clever new double-tap feature.

Price check: Best Buy $349

Apple Watch Ultra 2: $799Save $60:

Apple Watch Ultra 2: $799 $739 at Amazon
Save $60: This is the biggest saving so far on the latest version of Apple's rugged all-terrain GPS + Cellular Watch Ultra. There are discounts on last year's model too (see below), but I'd say the extra battery life, double tap feature and precision iPhone finding make it worth paying a bit more for the newer model if you're going to spend around $700 on a high-end smartwatch.

Price check: Walmart $774

Apple Watch Ultra$799Save $140:

Apple Watch Ultra: $799 $540 at Best Buy
Save $140: The rugged Apple Watch Ultra in orange is designed for the adventurers among you. The main difference between this and the next iteration is that this one doesn't allow you to dive, so if you don't need to do that then this is a great, bargain option.

Price check: Target $659.99 Amazon $699

Best Apple Watch Black Friday UK deals

Apple Watch SE 2: £219Save £10:

Apple Watch SE 2: £219 £209 at John Lewis
Save £10: I'm currently wearing one of these (in starlight, thanks for asking), and it does everything I need it to do, even though it doesn't have all the fancy features of the Ultra 2. If you want messages, calls and fitness tracking, and can skip the outdoorsy stuff, this is for you. A small discount perhaps (on the 40mm version), but still the cheapest price we've seen the SE 2 hit in the UK. The US has seen some better prices. 

Price check: Amazon £219 | Apple £219

Apple Watch Ultra: 699Save £100:

Apple Watch Ultra: £699 £599 at Amazon
Save £100: If you want a powerful watch at a surprisingly low price, this one is for you. It's got power, style and all the features you could ask for from a watch. It's not the latest Ultra but it has most of the same features and it's an attractive price since the starting price was already lower.

Price check: John Lewis £669

Apple Watch Ultra 2: £799Save £30:

Apple Watch Ultra 2: £799 £769 at Amazon
Save £30: If you do want the latest Ultra, there's a small saving available. At least it's something. Watch Ultra. This has the new double-tap feature plus longer battery life in low-power mode and precision iPhone finding as well as the range of health tracking features that came in the first iteration.

Price check: Currys £799

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Insight live hub image header.

Greetings everyone! I'm Beren, Creative Bloq's deals editor, and I'll be leading the charge on this hunt for the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals around.

Think you missed the boat now that the official Black Friday is over? Noooo. Black Friday basically means the whole week (if not week) these days. And as Cyber Monday brings up the rear, they'll be plenty of chances to get that Apple Watch deal that you're after... good luck!  

Deal header image.

The x2 Apple Watch deal.

(Image credit: Future/Apple)

Here's a very specific, slightly weird one... for the US, if you head over to AT&T, you can get $300 off the price of two Apple Watch 9, or Apple Watch Ultras

Now, why you'd want two models, I have no idea... maybe a Christmas present? Or maybe just one for each wrist. But in either case, that's really good value if you do. 


From telling you when to stand up, to suggesting your new favourite podcast, the newer Apple Watches have an array of features and apps that will offer a super bespoke experience for all users. 

Want some ideas? Why not check out this page on the best Apple Watch apps out there, from our sister title Tom's Guide. 

Opinion live hub image

Apple Watch Series 9

(Image credit: Apple)

I've only just got my own Apple Watch 9, and I absolutely love it! But it was a coin's toss between the 9 and the 8. I don't care about my tech being the absolute latest, as I know that often the last iteration is just as good as the new kid on the block, but comes with a friendlier price tag. 

That's exactly what this article goes into – the pros and cons of both smartwatches. Check out our article Apple Watch 8 vs 9 before you buy. It may just save you a quid or two. 

Insight live hub image header.

screenshot of Rosie Hilder's bio

(Image credit: Future)

Hello deals hunters! This is Rosie Hilder here, reporting on all the best Apple Watch deals the internet has to offer this Black Friday. Or is it now Cyber Monday? Either way, it's a mega deals weekend and we'll be bringing you all the highlights.

I got into Apple when I got my first MacBook many moons ago, and have been addicted ever since. A stint working on Mac|Life cemented that and I've also been covering Apple goodies since I moved to Creative Bloq in 2018. I even went to Apple HQ last week! What I'm trying to say is, I'm an Apple fan. But I also know how expensive the kit is, which is why I'll be bringing you the best offers as and when they appear. Stay tuned! 


The first ever Apple Watch Ultra deal.

(Image credit: Future/Apple)

If you're in the US and you don't need the brand new Apple Watch Ultra 2, which to be honest, you probably don't unless you're a diver, then Target has a tempting deal on the Apple Watch Ultra right now.

You can get the Apple Watch Ultra with GPS + Cellular in a Titanium case with an Alpine Loop in orange (the green will cost you more), for $659.99, down from $799 at Target.

Get the Apple Watch Ultra for $799 $659.99 at Target


Hold the phone! I just found the deal I just mentioned on the Apple Watch Ultra for $10 cheaper! Head to Best Buy to get the Apple Watch Ultra for $649. That's a saving of $150! Yes please.

Get the Apple Watch Ultra for $799 $649 at Best Buy.


If you're not totally sure that you want an Apple Watch, why not check out these Apple Watch alternatives. These are good options particularly if you're not already tied into Apple's ecosystem. If you already have an iPhone/iPad, you may find it annoying to have a non-Apple Watch. Or you may not... don't forget most retailers will have a cooling off period so you can try out your Watch and send it back if you don't feel like you want to run with it.

Opinion live hub image

Apple Watch Series 7 on my hairy wrist

(Image credit: Future)

Our senior news editor, Daniel John, has bought and sold four Apple Watches. That's right, four. He's currently Watch-less and he's still missing three features, as he outlines in his 'I dumped my Apple Watch but still miss these features' piece.


Apple Watch Series 9 on background that says 'price cut'

(Image credit: Apple/Future)

In the UK, John Lewis has a tempting offer on the 2023 version of the Apple Watch SE. It's down to £209 at John Lewis, and you get a two year guarantee included. This deal runs out on Monday so you've got a day or so to think about it, while stocks last.

Get the Apple Watch SE for £219 £209 at John Lewis

Insight live hub image header.

Want to scour all the deals across Future Publishing's network? Use the handy deal searcher below:

Insight live hub image header.

The full range of Apple Watch SE 2s.

(Image credit: Apple)

Hi there, it's CB Editor Georgia taking over for a while. I am a latecomer to the Apple Watch. I never thought I needed one. And I guess I don't, not really. But I really do like it a lot for fitness features. I do find it helps me push myself more during workouts (but I can't say it alters my step count... if I'm not moving, I'm not moving, yknow?). I also enjoy not having to look at my phone so often as it stops me getting distracted by the scroll potential.

I'm wearing the Apple Watch SE 2 and it does all I need it to, I'm not up a mountain very often so don't need the Ultra and even the full specs of the 8/9 would be wasted on me. So this suits me fine. And it is also the cheapest – especially today. 

Get the Apple Watch SE 2:

Opinion live hub image

To be honest I don't really know how else to use my Apple Watch - today I realised i can make a 'memoji' but I'm not sure why or what for. I'll report back if I get my head around it.

Apple Watch 8 early black Friday deal

(Image credit: Apple)

Also, there's the fact it actually tells the time. I didn't wear a watch very often before and would check the time on my phone... instigating another scroll. 

If you're buying a new Apple Watch you might want a different strap to go with it. Our list of the best Apple Watch straps will help.


Apple Watch Black Friday deal

(Image credit: Apple)

We've mentioned Amazon's Apple Watch Ultra deal in the UK (£100 off), but there's also a small saving on this year's model, the Ultra 2, if you must have that new double-tap feature. I've just added it to our roundup above. It's only a £30 saving though. That's a measly 4 per cent of a watch that normally costs £799.