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Go behind the scenes of Hollywood blockbuster Ender's Game

There's been some incredible 3D movies over the past couple of years, with the visuals often overtaking the storylines and characters when it comes to impressing. Here, we take a look behind-the-scenes of one of the latest designs in sci-fi movies for what could be one of the greatest CGI movie moments in 'Ender's Game'.

post23 was responsible for the sequence entitled 'The Mind Game' inside the movie Ender's Game, working directly with Digital Domain, under the wing of Ender's Game directer Gavin Hood and VFX Supervisor Matt Butler.

"Our aim was to design and produce this full CG sequence with a combination of high standard visual quality with a big content of art and design," post23 explains. The visuals speak for themselves, as you'll see from the video above. We can't wait to see what more monsters they come up with.

See more amazing 3D work over on the post23 website.

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